Maytag dishwashers confront essential battle to save water

The European Commission recently published a report on the progress of member states in addressing water scarcity and droughts and concluded that greater efforts are needed to stop and reverse the over-exploitation of Europe’s limited water resources in Mediterranean countries as well as the Czech Republic, France and Belgium.  Water, in short has become ‘the new oil’.  The Sunday Times* reported that experts predict that by 2015 two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed countries.

Premium manufacturer Maytag has long championed the importance of water and energy saving in kitchen appliances, and the company’s stylish and imaginatively designed Maytag XXL 17 place setting dishwashers are an excellent example of how precious water can be more sparingly used.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Maytag says: “If a household of four used a Maytag dishwasher they could save at least 11,000 litres¹ of water and 819KWh² electricity each year, saving considerable amounts of money, lots of time and would be contributing to reducing their impact on the environment.”

Highly efficient, the freestanding and fully integrated Maytag dishwashers have a consumption of just 0.58 litres per place setting or just 9.9 litres for a standard programme, and an ‘A’ rating in energy, cleaning and drying performance. The top-of-the-range, fully integrated MDW 171TN boasts intelligent and clever design coupled with state-of-the-art technology makes them so effective. With the world’s largest load height of 58 cm packed into a standard height machine, the XXL is designed to fit and adjust to kitchen cabinets with ease.

The generous capacity for dirty dishes means larger loads can be washed, 17 full place settings, compared to a standard 12 place setting maximum providing 40% more capacity than any standard dishwasher. Maytag’s versatile models include many helpful and innovative features. Flexibility is abundant in the form of four wash levels and seven separate baskets, as well as ten highly effective spray zones including three power zones. High levels of energy and water efficiency and professional standard construction add up to an excellent performance and longevity.

“Our XXL 17 dishwashers are top of their class and genuinely contribute to reducing household water consumption. A dishwasher is a practical solution to the problem of using less water in the home and the sooner everyone grasps the idea the better! We have always been very serious about all environmental issues and will continue to educate consumers on the importance of investing in a quality dishwasher,” comments Caroline.

Key features of the Maytag XXL 17 Dishwasher series:

  • World’s largest load height of 58 cm and 17 place settings packed into standard dimensions
  • Touch control LCD display showing all options as well as programme time remaining
  • ‘A’ class in energy, cleaning and drying performance
  • Highly water efficient with a consumption of just 9.9 litres per wash or 0.58 litres per place setting
  • Flexible and easy-to-use four-level flexible rack system, which incorporates up to seven baskets to cater for any sort of wash load in a wide range of configurations
  • Spray system consists of ten highly efficient spray zones which ensure complete cleaning of the whole load. Two power zones are situated in the lower rack for excellent results even with the dirtiest pots and pans, while a third power zone concentrates on the cutlery.
  • Convenient Auto Time programme where user sets a time and the machine automatically selects the best programme for that time
  • Daily Wash 90-minute programme is ideal to obtain best results for a standard daily wash load
  • Quick Wash programme designed for lightly soiled glass and china
  • Time saver option saves from 30 to 80 minutes on a wash – the consumption of water and energy is reduced without compromising on performance
  • Built for longevity – no other dishwashers have so much steel, including the tub, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet, upper basket and heater
  • Low noise level of just 43dB(A)
  • Self-cleaning filter reducing daily maintenance
  • Turbo fan-dry system ensures that the nooks and crannies are dried
  • Leak-proof construction with 16 point safety system
  • 24-hour start delay to utilise off-peak energy deals
  • Child lock – the control panel is locked to prevent inquisitive fingers starting the dishwasher or changing the programme
  • Available as freestanding or fully integrated
  • Dimensions : H x W x D : 860/890 x 596/600 x 570 mm

For more information on Maytag’s XXL 17 dishwashers call your Regional Business Manager or Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at


3rd August 2010

Image caption:

Maytag’s fully integrated MDW 171TN dishwasher has an impressive consumption of just 0.58 litres of water per place setting.


* Sunday Times 6th June 2010

¹ Information from Maytag says hand washing uses between 42 to 104 litres of water per wash.

² Based on a family of four using information and Maytag information.

26th July 2010

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