Maytag launches new 10kg washing machine

Maytag, the number one preferred laundry brand in the USA, renowned for its superior quality and American heritage, has added a new 10kg capacity freestanding washing machine to its range.

As the demand for more internally spacious and efficient machines increases Maytag has moved to meet this demand by creating a washing machine that not only has a larger capacity, but is also quicker and quieter. It is vital for a busy household to be able to speedily perform domestic tasks without using a lot of resources and it is intelligent appliances, such as the Maytag MWA 10149 WH, that are making this possible.

Through the use of electronic IntelliSense® technology, this washing machine is able to save up to 70 per cent on energy, water and time1 while still maintaining excellent cleaning results. By sensing the size of the load and then adjusting resources accordingly, this Maytag washing machine uses only the necessary amount of energy, water and time while achieving optimal results. In addition, this appliance performs 30 per cent more efficiently than the highest possible European rating of ‘A+++’ and earning an energy rating of ‘A+++-30%’.

The induction motor within this washing machine is extremely durable and has been designed to provide very high spinning performance whilst being silent with less vibration and increased stability. By removing the need for brushes within the motor, the sound produced is greatly reduced and its life extended, it also comes with a ten year warranty. The appliance as a whole is built to last and also comes with a ten year parts warranty. This Maytag washing machine offers quiet operation and best in class spinning efficiency, with a noise level of just 75 dB(A).

By increasing the capacity to 10kg Maytag has allowed for larger loads to be washed and the washing to be done less often. This has also been achieved without increasing the overall dimensions of the appliance, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen or utility room. This makes the appliance ideal for families and busy households. The generous capacity also enables the easy washing of big items, such as bed spreads and blankets, and saves water, energy and time by washing larger loads while still maintaining great results and performance.

Dalia Haddad, Product Marketing Manager for Maytag, says: “Maytag is delighted to offer this new large capacity washing machine. This increased capacity allows the consumer to do fewer washes as more clothes can be fitted within the generous sized drum while still achieving exceptional performance. Along with saving time and resources this appliance also provides peace of mind as it is durable, reliable and built to last.”

Key features and benefits of the Maytag MWA 10149 WH washing machine:
• Freestanding washing machine featuring Maytag’s advanced sensor IntelliSense® technology offering savings of up to 70 per cent1 in energy, water and time
• Built to last with ten year warranty on all parts
• Generous 10kg capacity to reduce the amount of washes required per household
• Excellent energy rating of ‘A+++- 30%’
• 14 wash programmes and 5 options
• Maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm
• Spin imbalance feature re-distributes the load automatically to protect the machine
• LED display and intuitive layout; programme progress indicator and remaining time for total convenience and feedback at a glance
• Detergent dosing aid advising the correct amount of detergent to use – saving money and preserving the environment
• Door opening angle of 172° for easy loading and unloading
• Noise level of just 53/75 dB(A) wash
• Available in white with chrome trim
• Dimensions: H 850 x W 595 x D 600 mm

For more information about the Maytag MWA 10149 WH washing machine, or the complete Maytag range, please visit or call 0844 499 0101.


Notes for Editors:
1Than an appliance without IntelliSense® technology

Image caption: The Maytag MWA 10149 WH washing machine with huge 10kg capacity and electronic IntelliSense® technology to save up to 70 per cent energy, water and time1.

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23rd April 2013



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