Maytag laundry range dries clothes carefully, quietly and efficiently

Maytag, the premium appliance manufacturer renowned for its quality and reliability, presents its tumble dryer range, which efficiently cares for your clothes while leaving them dry and fresh.

The Maytag tumble dryer range comprises of three sleek and stylish appliances, which are built to the highest standards, offering performance you can rely on. The tumble dryers are designed to run smoothly and quietly without disturbing the consumer and are the ideal companion for getting washing dry quickly and efficiently.

Each tumble dryer offers a generous 8 or 9kg capacity, matching the company’s range of washing machines, meaning more drying can be done at once, and also features Maytag’s IntelliSense® technology. The advanced sensor technology monitors and adapts each cycle to guarantee optimum drying performance whilst saving time and energy. The collection of tumble dryers can be easily stacked with Maytag’s range of washing machines with the aid of the stacking kit accessory, making the Maytag laundry range the ideal space saving solution.

Juliana Sado, Brand Communications Manager, for Maytag, says: “The Maytag tumble dryer range is now better than ever, offering the consumer efficient, large capacity machines to make the chore of drying clothes a breeze.

“All the tumble dryers in the range boast Maytag’s renowned IntelliSense® technology to monitor and adapt the temperature and humidity of each cycle, saving time and energy, and ensuring utility bills are kept at a minimum.”

The top of the range MTD 09 HPWH tumble dryer boasts a highly efficient ‘A-50%’ energy rating due to its innovative heat pump technology, making it 50 per cent more efficient than an ‘A’ rated machine, saving the consumer money.

Key features and benefits of the Maytag MTD 09 HPWH tumble dryer:
• Top-of-the range freestanding condenser model styled in white
• Heat pump sensor tumble dryer with energy rating of ‘A-50%’, making it 50 per cent more efficient than a ‘A’ energy rated machine
• Features innovative heat pump technology instead of a traditional drying element to achieve the same outstanding result at lower temperatures, saving energy
• Extra-large 9kg capacity and 121-litre drum, takes better care of fabrics and allow for easier loading
• Automatic drying using IntelliSense® sensor technology that precisely detects the humidity and dryness level of the load, controlling and adapting the drying cycle saving time and energy.
• 14 programmes including mixed load, jeans, big items, soft finish, delicate plus, drying, airing; plus seven IntelliSense® programmes for cotton and synthetics
• Nine additional options include: automatic anti-crease programme, start delay option up to 12 hours
• Wavy soft lifters swirl the warm air and distribute the laundry gently and efficiently
• Drum’s robust design, with central bearing, increases stability and longevity
• Drying time adjustable up to 90 minutes to suit you
• Diagonal Air Flow system
• Over dry protection
• Reverse drum action
• Anti-crease plus to leave clothes uncreased for up to 12 hours
• Large door opening angle of 140° to make loading and unloading easy
• End of cycle acoustic signal for convenience
• Attractive LCD display offers feedback on machine’s progress
• Child lock for peace of mind
• Noise level of 71 db(A)
• Dimensions: H 850 x W 600 x D 620 mm

For more information about the Maytag tumble dryer range call your Account Manager or Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101, or visit the website at


Image caption: Maytag’s top of the range MTD 09 HPWH tumble dryer boasting an ‘A-50%’ energy rating

Notes to editors:
Maytag’s new dryer is certified by TÜV Rheinland® for its reliability and durability. This unique endorsement is the result of tests by the leading international certification body based on an assumed use of 1,800 cycles successfully completed over that period.

*Tested by international certification body TÜV Rheinland® (ID: 0000035305), based on assumed use of 1,800 cycles.

22nd October 2012

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