Maytag six litre dishwasher receives Waterwise Checkmark for outstanding water efficiency

Maytag, renowned for its superior quality and American heritage, and the number one preferred laundry brand in the USA, has been awarded the coveted Waterwise Recommended Checkmark for the unbeaten water efficiency of its MDW 606AWG dishwasher.

The Waterwise Checkmark allows consumers to see, at-a-glance, which products are the most water efficient and is awarded to shining examples that are engineered with pioneering technology designed to increase water efficiency.

The Waterwise Checkmark is a highly respected symbol as Waterwise work closely with the government, policy makers and regulators to help revolutionise the way we use water. The Waterwise Checkmark is reserved only for products and appliances that are highly water efficient or have features that limit water wastage.

Jacob Tompkins, Managing Director of Waterwise, says: “It has always been of great importance to Waterwise to highlight products that are exceptional in their efficiency. The Maytag MDW 606AWG is a prime example of how technology can be used to increase proficiency in resource usage without compromising on performance. The Checkmark is the perfect way to help consumers make an informed decision when purchasing new appliances.”

The Maytag MDW 606 AWG dishwasher uses intelligent features to limit and control the resources used in every cycle to help minimise wastage while maintaining optimum efficiency. This Maytag appliance is the world’s best dishwasher1 for water efficiency, using only six litres of water per cycle2. The low water consumption is achieved by saving the water from the final rinse in a dedicated reservoir, where it is stored and recycled for use at the beginning of the next programme. The dishwasher also employs a new pump with ‘Impulse Pulse’ technology that alternates low and high pressure throughout the cycle to reduce the total water volume throughout the wash. Water purity is maintained through filtration as long as the dishwasher is used with normal regularity. Should it not be used for any length of time, such as holidays, the water is automatically drained after three days to prevent bacteria formation.

IntelliSense® technology then uses sensors to determine the size of the load and degree to which the contents are dirtied and adjusts these already economical and ecologically minimised resources to the necessary level to clean the load. By doing so this Maytag dishwasher saves up to 50 per cent energy, water and time3.

These intelligent features combine to create an appliance that is designed with maximising water and energy efficiency in mind. It is these features and intelligent design that has earned this appliance the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark.

Dalia Haddad, Product Marketing Manager for Maytag, says: “This is an enormous achievement for the Maytag MDW 606AWG dishwasher to be recognised as the innovative appliance that it is. The Waterwise Checkmark is a highly respected symbol of economical and eco-friendly appliances and this, along with saving the consumer time and money, is what Maytag aims to achieve with intelligent features.”

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Image caption: The Maytag MDW 606AWG dishwasher is awarded the Waterwise Recommended Checkmark

Notes to Editors:
1Status as at February 2011
2Normative Eco 50° programme
3Than an appliance without IntelliSense® technology

13th March 2013

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