Maytag Six Litre Dishwasher Saves Time, Money And Subsequent Squabbles Between Couples

Household chores remain a major cause of conflict between cohabiting and married couples, with the instant ability to leave a bitter aftertaste following even the most romantic of home cooked meals. Avert an argument while saving time to spend with your loved one thanks to the six litre dishwasher by Maytag, renowned for its superior quality and American heritage.

Incorporating innovative electronic IntelliSense® technology, the Maytag MDW 0713 AGW dishwasher boasts the very latest technology to prevent disputes over all aspects of our individual dish washing demeanours after enjoying an evening in together.

For those who wash up by hand, the time consuming task after a lovingly cooked meal for two can invariably alter the atmosphere, but the Maytag six litre dishwasher can save a precious 100 extra hours a year – at least1. To quash quarrels over stacking and quality of clean, Maytag’s Jet Clean Plus incorporates a powerful spray jet system that provides best in class cleaning, to ensure pots and larger items emerge spotless without the need for any pre-scrubbing.

Finally, for that one ingredient that can sour the dinner discussion quicker than the household chores, the Waterwise accredited Maytag six litre dishwasher can save money compared with hand washing, thanks to its superb water efficiency.

Juliana Sado, Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Maytag, says: “Home cooking has really grown in appeal of late, with many experimenting with their cooking more and wining and dining loved ones at home. Washing up all of the pots and pans by hand afterwards however can be a time consuming and a mood spoiling task that drains unnecessary quantities of resources. A Maytag MDW 0713 AGW dishwasher however, has the potential to change all of this, relieving one less strain on your time, wallet and even relationship.”

Key features and benefits of the Maytag MDW 0713 AGW IntelliSense® dishwasher:
• IntelliSense® advanced sensor technology automatically selects the most economical and effective programme according to level of soiling, saving up to 50 per cent* on energy, water and time
• Water consumption of just six litres in a Normal Eco 50°C programme – water from the final rinse is stored in a dedicated reservoir, where it is held and recycled for use at the beginning of the next programme
• For hygiene, the stored water in the tank is filtered and automatically drained to prevent bacteria formation if dishwasher isn’t used for more than three days
• Jet Clean Plus uses powerful spray jets to remove tough soiling without using any extra water. The consumer no longer needs to pre-wash or pre-scrub dishes any more
• 13 place settings for maximising the standard space
• ‘A+AA’ ratings for energy, washing and drying performance
• ‘Impulse Pulse’ pump technology alternates low and high pressure throughout the cycle to reduce the total water volume throughout the wash
• Eight programmes including Daily 60°C, Eco 50°C, Express, Glass, Pre Wash, Overnight, Sensor 40°C and 70°C, and Dual wash
• Seven wash temperatures
• Multizone option allows the consumer to use either the top or bottom basket of the dishwasher as required
• Delay Timer means the consumer can set the dishwasher to start at the time that is most convenient – excellent for use with the Overnight programme which works very quietly at just 39dB(A) and saves on energy costs where a less expensive tariff is available
• Noise level of just 42db(A) and special Overnight programme which operates at just 39 dB(A)
• Adjustable and removable top basket creates more space in the lower basket for the comfortable storage of tall items
• Foldable racks in top and bottom basket for flexible loading of glasses
• LED salt and rinse aid Indicators, and acoustic indicator for end of cycle
• Comes with a free two year parts and labour guarantee, and a free ten year parts only guarantee for peace of mind
• Dimensions: H x W x D: 850 x 597 x 590 mm

For more information and stockists of the Maytag MDW 0713 AGW dishwasher and other appliances in the company’s range, call Maytag on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at


Image caption: The Maytag MDW 0713 AGW uses just six litres of water and is one of the world’s most energy efficient dishwashers

Notes to Editors:
1 Based on a household of two washing up by hand after 14 meals per week, as calculated at

25th February 2014

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