Maytag's Fridge Freezers Offer Bags Of Room For Preserving Fruit and Veg

Did you know that frozen fruit has a better texture before it is fully thawed? There are many handy tricks to be learned from freezing your fruit and vegetables in the summer months and enjoying them during the winter period and the festive season.

Maytag’s capacious fridge freezers make it easy to prolong the life of our favourite foods, especially home grown or local summer produce such as fruit and vegetables, which can still be enjoyed many months after their purchase if stored correctly in a quality appliance.

Maytag’s 5MF1267AA three-door fridge freezer, with a net capacity of 531 litres, and its sister 5GFC20PRAA (501 litres), have a stunning three-door design and offer generous storage space for the packing and preservation of fruit, vegetables meat, fish, and many of our other favourite treats.

Maytag’s fridge freezers offer consumers some great options for freezing. The models have an excellent ‘A+’ energy rating and offer superior functionality. The 122-litre freezer on the larger 5MF1267AA includes three freezer drawers to accommodate a variety of big and bulky items. This allows plentiful storage without the need to overload, which can slow the freezing process. There is also a fast freeze setting to freeze fresh food quickly for perfect results on defrosting.

This means that fruit and vegetables can be frozen when they are at the peak of their freshness, as long as they are properly packed in airtight containers. Fruits can generally be stored for a year and vegetables for around 18 months without losing their true taste and quality.

Maytag’s fridge freezers are equally adept at storing and preserving a wide range of other food items.Both models have a Wide-N-Fresh deli drawer, a specially designed full-width compartment to store large platters of cheese, meats and deli-items at the ideal temperature.

Complete with full electronic control, the advanced Maytag control technology will adjust both fridge and freezer temperatures to the right level, for the best food conservation. A super cool function equips the fridge freezer to quickly cool food, whilst the total No Frost aspect means the freezer never needs to be defrosted.

With the addition of a water dispenser and ice maker within the Maytag 5MF1267AA model, chilled and filtered water and ice is always available. These versatile fridge freezers are ideal for those who love to entertain, and are particularly great value for families. Finished with fully cladded stainless steel doors, they also create a focal point in any contemporary kitchen.

The interior is twice as bright with the use of LED lighting yet consumes up to ten times less energy than conventionally lit models.

Juliana Sado, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Northern Europe, for Maytag, says: “Our recently launched range of fridge freezers is perfect for those customers looking for big capacity that is ergonomically configured. Too much food in the UK is wasted and simply thrown out when there is no need to do so. These premium appliances from Maytag offer very generous storage space and are excellent for freezing down fruit and vegetables when they are at their best and safely preserving them for long periods.”

Simple Freezing Tips:

  • Freeze your fruit and vegetables as quickly as you can, and while they are absolutely fresh, to avoid damaging their cells.
  • Pack the food in airtight containers or strong bags and take care not to overload the freezer so not to slow down the freezing process.
  • Blanch your vegetables before freezing to prevent spoiling their taste and nutritional value.
  • For delicate fruits such as strawberries and raspberries, arrange the fruit in a single layer on a baking tray. When frozen, transfer them to a plastic freezer bag or container.

Key features and benefits of the Maytag three-door 5MF1267AA fridge freezer:

  • ‘A+’ energy rating
  • Full electronic touch controls for ease of use and excellent temperature control
  • Includes ten year warranty on parts and a two year labour warranty
  • Total net capacity: 531 litres
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 1780 x 905 x 890 mm


  • New integrated ice and water dispenser, ready with filtered water and ice at the touch of a button
  • Wide-N-Fresh deli drawer for easy storage and access designed for large platters and deli items
    • Humidity controlled crisper drawers to keep food fresher for longer
    • Super cool function for fast cooling
    • LED lighting for an interior twice as bright and up to ten times more energy efficient
    • Four adjustable glass shelves to customise the space to your family’s needs
    • Deep door balconies for storing bulky items including six-litre milk containers
    • Net capacity: 449 litres


  • Total No Frost functionality, so you never have to defrost your freezer again
  • Three freezer drawers to accommodate a variety of big and bulky items
  • Fast freeze setting to freeze fresh food quickly for perfect results on defrosting
  • Net capacity: 122 litres

For more information and stockists of the Maytag 5MF1267AA and 5GFC20PRAA fridge freezers, and other appliances in the company’s range, call Maytag on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at


Image caption: Maytag’s 5MF1267AA three-door fridge freezer offer great storage space and is excellent for freezing and preserving fruit, vegetables and a wide range of food items.

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15th April 2014



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