Maytag's New Beauty Spins Up a Great Wash

Higher spin speeds on washing machines have always been a major target for manufacturers in the race to lessen drying times and save valuable energy. But one great feature doesn’t make a great washer. Ever more expectant consumers now demand an excellent all-round package that combines great design and superior quality – ‘the whole nine yards’ as our American cousins’ say.

Maytag’s beautifully designed new washing machine, the integrated MWA0720IIA is certainly a prime contender in a highly competitive market. Part of the company’s classy Line Series of machines, which offer a sleek, one-line LCD electronic display panel, the MWA0720IIA exudes quality and style. Fashioned in classic, durable and recyclable stainless steel, the model is height adjustable to 30mm and offers accompanying doors in stainless steel, white, gloss black or furniture finish to match cabinetry.

The performance of this substantial machine is both powerful and smooth with a formidable top spin speed of 2000 rpm for cottons. The washer is microprocessor controlled and able to offer excellent technology in assessing and executing the requirements for each wash. The first class energy rating of ‘A+’ is accompanied by an excellent ‘A’ rated wash and spin performance, low water levels and a noise level of just 46/76 dB(A) for wash and spin.

The MWA0720IIA’s tough and lasting stainless steel drum has a generous capacity of 7kg, enabling the machine to cope easily with a large range of clothes and bulkier items.

Mike Martin, Maytag’s Head of Product, says: “This is a genuine heavyweight offering among integrated washing machines. Maytag takes a pride in offering consumers the very best in build quality and design, and our new MWA0720IIA has everything you will need for a superior washing performance and longevity. The savings it will afford in water and energy will be substantial in the long run and it looks superb too!”

Key benefits of the Maytag Line Series MWA0720IIA integrated washing machine:

  • Energy, wash and drying efficiency: A+, A and A rated
  • Large 7kg capacity for easy loading, washing more less often and space for big items
  • 2000 rpm cottons spin – best in class performance and reduces tumble drying 42% residual moisture in the laundry
  • Legendary build quality using Quattro™ construction of four power dampers attached to steel base plate to ensure machine is virtually vibration free
  • Strong door hinges to take the weight of stainless steel door or a furniture door for integration
  • No bellows between the tub and the cabinet so there is nothing to leak or wear out, or gather limescale, mould or slime


  • 17 programmes  to cope with all family needs in a busy household
  • Unique LCD display and is set by single jog wheel – very intuitive and easy to use
  • Autowash using SensiSave intelligent sensor system that automatically optimises the water, time and energy for excellent economy regardless of load size.
  • Stain programme for removing up to nine stain types
  • Time programme perfect for those in a hurry – just set the time you have available and the machine will give the best wash performance in the time set.
  • Memory programme so remembers your last wash for one-button start the next time around
  • Quick wash – takes 35 minutes for sluicing through garments
  • Intensive rinse option with up to seven rinses for those that are sensitive to detergents
  • Dedicated wool programme
  • Anti-crease cycle to keep ironing to the minimum
  • Super pre-soak option for up to two hours for very stubborn stains
  • Delayed start for up to 24 hours – to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs where available.
  • Display may be set in one of eleven language options
  • Seven fold water safe system minimising leaks and protecting from flooding
  • Noise level wash and spin 46 and 76 dB(A)
  • Clever auto-door opening at the end of the cycle so you can see that your integrated washing machine has finished!


  • Maytag offers a choice of doors in stainless steel, gloss white, black or a furniture door available and fitted by a Kitchen Specialist
  • Pedestal option to site machine 30 cm above the ground to eliminate bending and making room for the convenient and out of the way storage of consumables
  • Range of ‘hidden helpers’ that brings another dimension to the laundry room. Added extras add great value for the retailer and a superb laundry experience for the consumer.

For more information on the Maytag Line Series MWA0720IIA integrated washing machine and other appliances in the company’s range call Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at for full specification and nearest retailer.


Image caption: Super spinner: Maytag’s integrated MWA0720IIA washing machine, from the company’s high end Line Series, offers a top spin speed of 2000rpm as well as genuine build quality and the latest electronic technology for maximise economy.

7th December 2009

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