Maytag's total laundry room concept keeps it all in one place

Washing machine, tumble dryer, drying cabinet, garment storage space, sorting unit and ironing facilities – all in one place, without any clutter or mess. Maytag’s total laundry room concept is the perfect solution for those who despise the laborious task of washing, drying and laundering clothes. The total laundry room concept completely transforms the thinking behind traditional utility rooms, as it takes all the necessary functions and combines them into a stunning, ultra modern, modular design.

In one neat and spacious combination, consumers can choose from Maytag’s top quality washing machines and tumble dryers and combine them with the versatile drying cabinet, integrated ironing board and an imaginative range of ‘hidden helpers’ that include a pedestal drawer with shelf, laundry care baskets and various sorting units.

Here is a top quality offering from a premium manufacturer which specialises in design classics. Maytag is world renowned for combining time-honoured craftsmanship with outstanding technology and sophisticated styling.

Maytag’s robust and highly engineered washing machines are perfect examples of what the consumer can expect. They blend perfectly into the chosen setting and perform to the highest level with the minimum of fuss, and with intelligent, intuitive programming remove all the hassle and ensure high levels of energy and water efficiency.

The MWA0718FIB is a freestanding, front loading washing machine that may be stacked with matching condenser tumble dryer and combined together with the Maytag Drying Cabinet to form the complete laundry room.  All appliances are styled in top quality stainless steel and bear all the classic Maytag hallmarks with a professional, high level of build quality, robust engineering and importantly intuitive, ease of use for the consumer.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium says: “The MWA0718FIB is one of our electronic LCD Line Series of washing machines specifically designed for the Maytag laundry room concept. Every attention is paid to detail, both in terms of styling, technology, functionality, economy and the sheer quality of the construction.”

Key features and benefits of the Maytag Line Series MWA0718FIB freestanding washing machine:

  • Front loading washing machine with an energy, wash and drying efficiency of  A+, A, A
  • Large 7kg capacity for easy loading and to wash bigger load less often, plus space for bulky items
  • 1800 rpm cottons spin for excellent water extraction and faster tumble and line drying
  • Legendary build quality using Quattro™ construction of four power dampers attached to steel base plate to ensure machine is virtually vibration free
  • No bellows between the tub and the cabinet so there is nothing to leak or wear out, or gather lime scale, mould or slime

Lifestyle programmes:

  • Variety of programmes to cope with all family needs in a busy household including Autowash using SensiSave intelligent sensor system that automatically optimises the water, time and energy for excellent economy regardless of load size
  • Stain removal programme for up to nine stain types
  • Convenient Time programme – perfect for those in a hurry; just set the time you have available and the machine will give the best wash performance in the time selected
  • Memory programme so remembers your last wash for one-button start the next time around
  • Quick wash – takes 35 minutes for sluicing through garments
  • Intensive rinse option with up to seven rinses for those that are sensitive to detergents
  • Dedicated wool programme
  • Super pre-soak option for up to two hours for very stubborn stains
  • Anti-crease cycle at the end of the wash programme to keep ironing to the minimum
  • Innovative LCD display; programmes are set using a single jog wheel with option buttons – very intuitive and easy to use –has eleven language options too
  • Delayed start for up to 24 hours – to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs where available.
  • Seven fold water safe system minimising leaks and protecting from flooding
  • Noise level wash and spin 46 and 76 dB(A)
  • Clever auto-door opening at the end of the cycle so you can see that the washing machine has finished!


  • Co-ordinates with Maytag Condenser Tumble Dryer MTD 07SCFIB with electronic sensing system and has matching 7 kg load
  • Maytag Drying Cabinet  DC7375 is designed perfectly to align and match with stacked washer and dryer
  • Range of ‘hidden helpers’ that adds another dimension to the laundry room. Added extras that afford great value for the retailer and a superb laundry experience for the consumer.

For more information on Maytag’s total laundry room appliances and other products in the company’s range, call your Regional Business Manager or Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at


Image caption: Maytag’s freestanding MWA0718FIB washing machine is a perfect match for the versatile Drying Cabinet DC7375 and the tumble dryer MTD 07SCFIB.

13th July 2010

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