Maytag’s Washer in Classic Black

It’s the super intelligent, freestanding washer that is equally able as a powerful stand-alone unit or as the stunning centrepiece of a total laundry room concept.  Styled in classic black and carrying an ‘A+’ washing performance, Maytag’s versatile MWA 0714FBC washer can smoothly fit into your lifestyle in any way you wish.

The laundry room concept being promoted by Maytag has proved an enormously popular option in the United States, adding value to the home by creating a specific room or area of the home for all washing needs. The company offers a top quality range of products for all washing solutions, including washers, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and a great range of ‘hidden helpers’ such as ironing boards, rotary irons, pedestal drawers, laundry care baskets and sorting units.

However, for those who don’t have that additional elusive space, the Maytag MWA 0714FBC is a formidable solo act, requiring the minimum of effort from the user. Intelligent, intuitive programming takes away all the hassle and ensures high levels of energy and water efficiency.

With Maytag, too, the most advanced technology is consistently matched by classic style and solid construction of professional build quality. The machine is thus more durable and reliable, as well as being quieter and smoother in operation and performance. Maytag’s patented Quattro™ ¹construction, for example, provides greater stability than comparative machines.

Raj Mistry, Head of Marketing says: “The MWA0714FBC certainly looks the part in its classic black styling, but its performance and versatility are equally impressive. It is a top quality and beautifully designed washing machine that can blend seamlessly into the Maytag laundry room concept or stand up as a powerful washer and design statement in its own right. Intelligent technology and top-end design don’t compromise each other on Maytag products, but rather work together for the perfect product to take the stress out of an everyday chore.”

Key benefits of the Maytag MWA0714FBC washing machine:

  • Classic black, freestanding washing machine
  • ‘A+, A, B ratings and uses 10% less energy than an ‘A’ rated machine
  • Large 7kg capacity for washing more, less often, as well as savings in time, water and energy
  • Innovative electronic dial controls for ease of use and electronic accuracy
  • Professional build quality – Maytag’s domestic washing machines are built to the same standards as their professional models with more steel and less plastic
  • Patented Quattro™ ¹ construction for greater stability and vibration
  • Quick programmes for colours and whites, plus super quick programme
  • Time programme offers users the choice of wash times between 30 minutes and three hours – set the wash for the time you have!
  • Auto Wash intelligence adjusts water consumption and wash time automatically for excellent results and energy efficiently
  • Stain removal programme for up to nine different stains
  • Super Rinse facility to increase rinses up to seven; ideal for those sensitive to detergents
  • Delayed start to take advantage of less expensive energy tariffs
  • Cottons spin at 1400 rpm
  • Very low noise level of 49dB(A)
  • Matching tumble dryer available MTD 07SCFBC
  • Finished in gloss black, and also available in stainless steel

For more information on the Maytag MWA0714FBC freestanding washing machine and other appliances in the company’s range, call your Area Sales Manager or Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at for full specification.


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Maytag’s MWA0714FBC freestanding washing machine in classic black makes a stunning centrepiece to the company’s laundry room concept.

5th January 2010

Editors’ notes

¹ Quattro™ construction is a unique and durable platform that makes Maytag’s washing machines incredibly stable and durable. The drum of the machine is suspended on four supporting power dampers firmly attached to a base plate and makes them virtually vibration free during spinning.

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