Maytag’s washing machine is a top performer and built to last

Maytag’s freestanding front load washer, the MWA 0716 FIC, not only boasts an A+ energy rating it is also ‘A’ rated for wash performance and spin rating, making it one of the best in class!

Built to Maytag’s robust construction to ensure a better, quieter and smoother performance, this premium washer has a large 7kg load capacity enabling washing to be completed more efficiently and in less loads, which saves time, water and energy.

Part of the company’s electronic ‘Circle’ series it benefits from a combination of very intuitive mechanical dial and electronic controls. There’s a handy 24-hour delayed start option to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, and for those with sensitive skin or detergent allergies, the perfect solution is the Super Rinse feature that rinses seven times to remove all traces of detergent. And it has a novel drop down outer-door, a handy benefit as it prevents newly washed clothes dropping on the floor!

The 1600rpm spin speed ensures economical tumble drying but is only made possible by the durable construction. The outer drum rests on four supporting power dampers firmly attached to a steel bottom plate. The construction stands inside the machine and even when it is spinning at a high speed, it is virtually vibration free. Maytag washers are also stabilised with a robust cast iron rear cradle, rather than the standard concrete used by other manufacturers, for sturdier, reliable and quieter operation.

To ensure a longer life span, the washer is fitted with an intelligent door seal design, which is attached to the door rather than the drum. This guarantees longer life as the laundry isn’t pushed or dragged across it during loading or unloading.

The Aqua Stop water safety system has up to seven water safety features to avoid leaking or flooding. This includes a super strong, but flexible PEX fill hose, covered bottom plate to retain any leaks, and an auto-system that closes the inlet valve and activates the pump if the bottom plate should start to fill with water.

This professional quality appliance is finished in premium stainless steel and has been exclusively designed as part of Maytag’s laundry room concept, or it may also be selected as a stand alone appliance.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium for Maytag UK says: “Ease of use and efficiency are of the essence with every Maytag appliance and the freestanding front load washer, MWA 0716 FIC, is no exception. Rated in the top performance categories for wash results and spin speed, its A+ energy rating also highlights its energy efficiency, an important and vital element at the point of purchase when consumers are looking to save money for the long-term on their electricity bills.”

“Maytag’s professional build quality and construction makes it extremely robust and durable with the benefit of a quieter and smoother performance.  We use more steel throughout its construction for a high quality professional standard, ensuring a longer life.”

Key benefits of the Maytag free standing front load washer – MWA 0716 FIC:

  • ‘A +’ energy rated for economy in use
  • ‘A’ rated for both wash performance and spin speed
  • Large 7kg capacity enabling washing to be completed more efficiently and in fewer loads, using less water and saving time
  • Drop down outer-door for convenient loading and unloading
  • 24-hour delayed start option to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates
  • Intensive rinse option to ensure all traces of detergent are removed – perfect for those who are sensitive to detergents or have allergies
  • Aqua Stop Water Safety System to avoid leaking or flooding
  • Clever smart door seal that eliminates the traditional rubber bellows type seal, so there is nothing to leak, wear-out or replace
  • Maytag’s durable standing construction for a reliable, smoother and quieter performance, and a longer life span
  • Stainless steel inner and outer drum and finished externally in premium stainless steel for durability
  • Exclusively designed for the Maytag laundry room concept, but is also available as a stand alone appliance.

For more information on Maytag’s complete new range of washing machines call your Regional Business Manager or Maytag on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at


Image caption: Maytag’s freestanding front load washer, MWA 0716 FIC is one of the best in its class for energy efficiency and performance and benefits from a handy drop down outer-door making loading and unloading easier. Maytag’s durable steel construction makes it robust, reliable and quieter performance.

7th April 2010

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