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Minimalism/Maximalism, Farmhouse Tour and Back Kitchens

We can’t believe May is almost over already! This month has brought warmer weather and lots of exciting summer plans, and we’ve also been busy planning an upcoming event at Silverstone and working towards lots of fantastic coverage for our clients. Amongst all of this, we always find time to catch up on the latest homes and interiors trends.

This week, we’ve put together a round-up of the most inspirational articles we’ve read throughout the month. Our write-up includes articles from House & Garden and Livingetc, as well as a podcast from So, How Do You… Keep reading to find out more!

Image: Stephanie Wilson (@stephwilll)

So how do you… podcast – So how do you…design minimalism and maximalism?

If you follow us on social media and read our posts regularly, you’ll know that every Friday we share our favourite article that we’ve read throughout the week. However, one week this month was a little different because we felt most inspired by a podcast! We listened to the So how do you… podcast by Laura Jackson, which is described as the ‘little black book for interiors’. The episode we listened to was on minimalism and maximalism and it was full of advice and tips on how to style both of these trends effectively at home.

Host Laura Jackson spoke to Interior Designer, Meta Coleman on how to achieve maximalism without the chaos. Meta explained how she believes that there are no limitations when it comes to maximalism but that you have to know the rules in order to break them. Meta also discussed how maximalist interiors can make you feel more comfortable in your surroundings. For example, a sofa with layers of cushions and throws with different textures and patterns is often more inviting to sit on than a plain sofa with clean lines and no layers.

Following this, Laura spoke to Furniture Designer, Mimi Shodeinde on creating a minimalist look without the feeling of emptiness. Mimi believes that minimalism is all about using materials to feel calm and create a sense of serenity within a space. Timber is Mimi’s go-to in many of her minimalist interior projects, she also mentions leather and suede as some of her favourite materials.

Image: Sven Brandsma

We would definitely recommend listening to the So how do you… podcast. There’s a range of episodes to choose from that each focus on different aspects of interior design and home decorating, including guides to transforming your shed into a summer house, getting creative with art and designing a living room. Let us know if you’ve listened to any good interior design podcasts recently that are worth a listen!

Image: Chris Horwood

House & Garden – An 18th-century farmhouse brimming with colour and texture

In this article, House & Garden takes us on a tour of Francesca Gentilli’s stunning 18th century farmhouse home in Hertfordshire, and it’s safe to say we were full to the brim with inspiration after we finished reading this piece!

Francesca works as a textile dealer and sources fabrics from countries all over the world including India, Turkey, Morocco and Uzbekistan, and her home showcases her gorgeous finds from across the globe! The décor is a blend of contrasting prints and antique furniture, creating a stylish and super cosy feel.

Our favourite space is the sitting room, which is painted in a gorgeous shade of green, features an impressive gallery wall and is decorated with a range of prints in different styles and shades that fill the space with colour, along with boasting an amazing home bar area too! We also love the colour of the kitchen cabinets (pictured below), which have been painted in a stunning shade of mustard that gives the room such a unique look.

Image: Chris Horwood

This article has given us so many ideas that we would love to recreate in our own spaces, including having the confidence to mix and match different patterns and designs. Francesca’s home has also given us some serious home bar envy, so we’ll be heading to the supermarket this weekend to restock our supplies!

Image: Haris Kenjar, Studio credit – Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Livingetc – The ‘back kitchen’ is the new big thing in luxury homes, even the Kardashians have one – here’s how you can, too

A trend that really caught our eye this month is ‘back kitchens’. We were reading about this trend in an article by Livingetc, which explains how the ‘back kitchen is the new big thing in luxury homes’ and details ways you can create one in a less lavish space too.

A back kitchen (also known as a scullery) is an extra space, behind the scenes, where the hard work is done, leaving the main kitchen as a place for relaxation and entertainment. Livingetc refers to the back kitchen spotted in Kris Jenner’s luxury house, providing a space for her private chefs to cook, while she enjoys a mess-free ‘show’ kitchen. While we may not all have the space (and budget!) that Kris Jenner has, there are still ways to create your very own back kitchen.

Image: Yoko Kloeden Design

Our favourite ideas from Livingetc include making a back kitchen out of a pantry or laundry room, and creating one using a portable island. We love the idea of a ‘floating island’ that can be wheeled around according to your needs, as Livingetc explains: “The advantage of an island or a cart on wheels is that it can be positioned in any part of the house, and it allows for the flexibility of several functions. When guests are over, this can become a convenient back kitchen”.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our favourite reads/listens this month! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments.


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26th May 2023

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