Maytag’s new portfolio of durable and high technology dishwashers is a stunning reminder of how far this product sector has progressed in little over a decade.

Maytag technology and its trademark attention to detail have taken dishwashers to a new level of style and performance, with a high quality range that embraces all of the essential consumer requirements.
Spearheaded by two machines that are hailed as the world’s best¹ dishwashers for water efficiency with their excellent low consumption of just six-litres, the six-model collection offers a superb choice of different capabilities in both freestanding and fully integrated formats. For example, the large capacity MDW151TN has a generous 15 place settings and eight spray zones and can be fully integrated or freestanding.

All models in the range offer excellent energy class ratings and Maytag’s IntelliSense® technology.

IntelliSense® recognises the level of dirt particles suspended in the water and automatically adjusts the wash cycle and use of the resources. Optimal cleaning results are achieved and save up to 50% on energy, water and time².

Maytag’s Jet Pro Clean technology features innovative and powerful jet sprays for perfect cleaning on tough, soiled items, whatever their size. There is consequently no need for pre-dishwasher hand washing. With the Steam Clean facility, steam is released within the dishwasher to soften the most stubborn of stains, without using any additional energy.

Other important selling options in the range include foldable racks on the bottom level, a height flexible upper rack and Pro-Comfort racks. With the Pro-Comfort facility, a dedicated cutlery zone guarantees maximum space for all loading requirements, allowing the maximisation of the remaining space available.
While each model offers its own special style and functionality, it is the six-litre dishwashers that set a new benchmark in water consumption and efficiency The freestanding MDW606AWG and its fully integrated sister, the MDW1306BI, offer a roomy 13 place settings as well as six programmes and four special options.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager for Maytag, says: “Maytag’s new collection of dishwashers emphatically proves the point that dishwashing is by far the most effective way of cleaning the dishes. These models offer great technology, capacity and significant savings in energy, water and personal time, while the six-litre models especially are a big statement of intent on our part.”

Key features and benefits of the Maytag MDW1306BI IntelliSense Dishwasher:
• Fully integrated 600mm dishwasher with electronic controls
• A+ AA energy, washing and drying performance
• 13 place settings
• World’s best in class water consumption of just six litres¹
• IntelliSense® advanced sensor technology automatically selects the most economical and effective programme according to level of soiling
• New ‘Impulse Pulse’ pump technology alternates low and high pressure throughout the cycle to reduce the total water volume throughout the wash
• Water, temperature and time are adjusted for optimal results
• Six programmes including Quick wash, Eco, Intensive and Overnight
• and four special options including zone selection and 24-hour start delay
• Saves up to 50%² on water, temperature and time
• Water purity is maintained through filtration and is automatically drained to prevent bacteria formation if dishwasher isn’t used for more than three days
• Steam Clean option combines with IntelliSense® technology to gently remove dried on food and stubborn stains
• IntelliSense® technology creates the steam during the cycle to soften dried-on soil for all items
• Flexible removable upper rack, adjustable upper basket, upper rack and foldable lower rack
• Quiet operation at 42 dB(A) and 39 dB(A) for overnight programme
• Low energy usage of just 1.03 kW
• Dimensions: H820-900 x W600 x D570 mm

For more information on the Maytag’s new collection of dishwashers and other appliances in the company’s range, call your Regional Business Manager or Maytag UK on 0844 499 0101 or visit the website at for full specification.


Image caption: Maytag’s new MDW1306BI IntelliSense dishwasher is a fully integrated model offering a world beating water consumption of just six-litres¹ and a generous 13 place settings. Also available as a freestanding model.

¹Status at February 2011
²Comparison with standard dishwasher without IntelliSense®

15th September 2011

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