New Gorenje 9kg washing machine for perfect laundry care

Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its creative and efficient appliances, has launched a new 9kg washing machine with advanced SensoCARE technology.

The W9665K boasts an excellent ‘A+++-20%’ energy rating, and features innovative SensoCARE technology, which is fully adjustable to the consumer’s personal needs, and an ergonomic design that provides comfortable and easy control, and an exceptional user experience.

SensoCARE technology affords the consumer fully customised washing through four separate modes; NormalCARE, EcoCARE, TimeCARE or AllergyCARE, which allow optimum care for laundry, completely personalised to their needs at a particular time. Meanwhile, intelligent SensorIQ technology constantly monitors the washing process using integrated sensors, making sure the use of energy, water, and time is always precisely accurate with no waste. Based on collected data, SensorIQ automatically adjusts and optimises the washing process according to the selected programme and the type and weight of the laundry in the machine.

Furthermore, the W9665K boasts numerous functions to ensure the very best washing experience every time. A key programme on this new washing machine is UltraWHITE, which helps to preserve the whiteness of delicate laundry. With this programme, Gorenje is among the market’s pioneers in delivering completely white and shiny clothes at a wash of no more than 30°C.

UltraWHITE has been specifically developed for the care of white delicate laundry like synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace, which could not withstand washing at higher temperatures. It provides excellent care at just 30°C, owing to a more intensive tumbling rhythm and the use of more water. Normally, white laundry washed at such low temperatures would gradually take on a washed-out look and lose its white sheen. With UltraWHITE, however, white laundry truly stays white.

In addition to UltraWHITE, Gorenje’s new generation washing machine offers other programmes specially tailored for particular types of laundry, such as PerfectBlack, BioWash, NightWash, and QuickWash, while two user-defined programmes MyFavourite allow simple adjustment by the consumer to meet their personal needs.

Furthermore, Gorenje’s new washing machine features a special StainExpert function for the efficient elimination of the most common stubborn stains. The consumer simply has to choose one of the four offered groups of stains – fruit, coffee, wine, and organic stains – and the StainExpert delivers an effective wash to ensure these are removed.

Finally, the Gorenje OptiDrum provides clothes with even better care. The innovatively designed drum interior, made of stainless steel, is completely adjusted to ensure efficient motion of the laundry during the washing process. The drum perforation is carefully thought out so that the size, shape, and number of holes provide lower water and power consumption. Wave-like 3D ribs gently move the laundry towards the rear of the drum and then lift it towards the top, while the tilted design of the interior door glass also contributes to this process.

Lauren Abbott, Gorenje’s Marketing Manager, says: “Gorenje’s superb new washing machine really does demonstrate the very latest in laundry technology, perfectly caring for clothes to keep them at their very best for as long as possible. Not only that, but it offers a superb energy rating, using minimal resources in order to keep household bills low, and a large capacity to allow the consumer to wash more at once. It is the ideal washing machine for the busy consumer who wants superb results every time.”

Key features and benefits of the Gorenje W9665K freestanding washing machine:
• New for 2013
• Freestanding washing machine with a 9kg capacity and white finish
• Superb ‘A+++-20%’ energy rating for maximum efficiency, alongside ‘A’ spinning performance
• Total annual water consumption of 11,470 litres
• Total annual energy consumption of 174kWh
• Variable spin speed, maximum of 1600rpm
• SensoCARE technology allows the consumer fully customised washing through four modes:
– NormalCARE – a pre-set washing mode for normal everyday use
– EcoCARE – laundry care with low water and power consumption regardless of the programme duration
– TimeCARE – provides increased intensity for an effective wash in the shortest possible time
– AllergyCARE – a washing programme that is ideal for anyone with delicate skin; extra water is used for perfectly rinsed laundry.
• 23 wash programmes including cotton, synthetics, wool, hand wash, Eco, delicates/silk, BioWash and Quick
• MyFavourite – two programme slots are available for user-defined programmes. The consumer can choose the appropriate programme, adjust other desired settings and simply save them for next time
• NightWash for washing during the night. Its adjusted tumbling rhythm and spinning cycle make the operation silent
• UltraWhite programme for efficient care of delicate white laundry, preserving perfect whiteness at 30°C
• PerfectBlack washes at 30°C using liquid gel to keep your black laundry truly black
• SterilTub self-cleaning programme removes residues of grease and detergent that may cause the build-up of bacteria and odours
• Detergent Saving System – this special, environmentally friendly Eco system prevents the loss of detergent during water intake. This saves up to 20 per cent on detergent costs and effectively protects the environment at the same time
• Intensive 4-D soaking system shortens the required soaking time, which means that the overall time of doing the washing is also reduced
• SuperSilent+ ensures a quiet noise level of just 60 dB(A) during washing, and 76 dB(A) when spinning
• TotalWeight automatically recognises the weight of laundry placed in the machine
• Partial AquaStop anti-flooding protection for peace of mind
• Start delay options for washing at the times most suited to you
• Low temperature washing at just 15°C
• Half load option for smaller washing loads
• Electronic display with LCD for ease of use
• Dimensions: H x W x D: 85 x 60 x 60cm

For further information about Gorenje’s appliances, please call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at to find your nearest stockist.


9th May 2013

Editors’ Notes:
About Gorenje
Established over 60 years ago, Gorenje is one of Europe’s leading home appliance manufacturers, combining state-of-the-art technology with superior design and great value. Four million Gorenje appliances are sold every year in over 70 countries. Headquartered in Slovenia, the Gorenje Group employs approximately 10,800 people around the world. With its innovative, technologically perfected, environmentally friendly and stylish products, Gorenje is aiming to become the creator of the most innovative design-led home appliances in the world.

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