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Our Top Three Interior Trends of 2022 blog post

As a tech and lifestyle public relations agency, it’s important we stay on top of the latest news and trends. To wrap up 2022, we have summarised our favourite interior trends that we’ve seen this year.

1 – Black Bedrooms

Image: Avalana

Black bedrooms were once seen as ‘moody’ or intimidating, and often associated with gothic-inspired interiors. However, according to These Three Rooms, in 2022 black interiors became a popular interior trend. Research has shown that darker shades can reduce energy within a room, so it’s no wonder that this trend has become a particularly favoured colour for bedrooms; a room where relaxing and winding down is essential for a good night’s sleep.

In a year that saw a rise in eccentric and vibrantly coloured interior trends such as Barbiecore and retro looks, it may come as a surprise that one of our favourite trends is black bedrooms. We love this look because black is such versatile tone to work with and it can pair nicely with just about any colour as well as working with both maximalist and minimalist interiors. Depending on how it’s used, black is excellent for bringing drama, or comfort to any space in the home.

Image: The French Bedroom Co

If you don’t want to plaster your whole room in a dark tone, then black will also work well as an accent colour. Even when used in small amounts, this dark shade will help to reduce the energy in the room. Just simply add in a few black pillows, a throw, or a headboard.

At jmm PR, we have certainly been inspired by the abundance of dark interiors that we’ve seen on our Instagram feed this year. A few of us grew up asking our parents for permission to paint our bedrooms black as teenagers, so it’s amazing to see that black is now a trending interior colour and can be used in a way that’s seen as elegant and classy. Our favourite black bedroom colour pairs are mustard yellow and black and earthy green and black. We also love the look of painting both the walls and ceiling black to accentuate the height of the room.


2 – Hygge

Image: Arada

With the weather being so cold this time of the year, a few of us at jmm PR are craving the snug warmness of a hygge interior. Hygge is a Danish word that means cosiness, which has inspired an interior trend of the same name that revolves around comfort, warmth, and homeliness.

The hygge interior trend was one of our favourites from this year because of how easy it is to implement. According to These Three Rooms, to create a hygge interior, you simply need to combine many layers of different textures and stick to a soft, neutral colour palette which will turn your home into a cosy sanctuary.

Nature is often associated with meditation and relaxation, so it’s no wonder that the hygge interior is heavily influenced by natural elements. Within your texture layers, you want to focus on natural materials such as cotton, wood, rattan and cork. With the neutral colour scheme of a hygge interior, you can also introduce some splashes of earthy tones for variety and to also tap into that nature element of the trend. Houseplants are known to benefit our mental health and wellbeing, so they perfectly complement hygge interiors too.

Image: Hadeland Glassverk

What makes a hygge interior so ideal for winter is that it also focuses on warmth. Have plenty of blankets, light a few candles and invest in a fireplace or stove and you have a perfectly cosy interior to spend the colder months of the year in. Hygge is stylish as well as comforting, which is why it’s one of our favourite interior trends of the year.


3 – Modern Victorian

Image: Laura Ashley Lighting & Mirrors

The past few years have seen the return of retro looks in both interior design and fashion. Our Instagram feed has been filled with interiors inspired by 1970s and 1980s homes and one of this year’s newest trends, Barbiecore, stems from combining 1950s and 1980s interior looks. Although Victorian interiors aren’t exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of ‘retro’, this era of interior design is another blast from the past that’s made a return in 2022. One of our favourite interior trends of 2022 was Modern Victorian, which combines some classic elements of Victorian homes with a modern touch to stay on-trend.

The Modern Victorian trend caught our eye because of how it cleverly takes some of the best and most notable aspects of Victorian rooms and adapts them to suit modern tastes. One of the best things about opting for a Victorian era interior is that it’s timeless but blending in some modern features will ensure that the look also remains on-trend.

One of the most recognisable rooms in a Victorian house is the living room, which is typically small but makes up for its size with grand, tall ceilings. If you have a house that was built during the Victorian era, then opting for a Modern Victorian style interior is a great way to pay homage to your house’s history. Sleek-Chic Interiors has some great ideas on how to incorporate traditional Victorian interior elements into a modern-style living room.

Victorian living rooms are all about elegance and class. They often have a grand fireplace as their most defining feature, which is especially beneficial this winter with energy prices soaring. At jmm PR, we also love fireplaces because they are perfect for bringing a cosy atmosphere into the room (and are particularly popular with our pets who love to curl up in front of them!). If you have a Victorian era house that has had its original fireplace removed, we highly recommend restoring it or finding a replica. With the fireplace, Victorian living rooms will also have a central chimney breast with alcoves either side. Sleek-Chic Interiors recommends putting this space to use with shelving or cabinetry.

Following on from the earlier interior trend of black bedrooms, black also works well in modern Victorian living rooms as an accent colour, as Victorian living rooms would traditionally be filled with rich, darker tones. But as this trend incorporates a modern feel, it also works well with lighter, more neutral shades when paired with the distinctive features of a Victorian interior.

In the Victorian era, extravagant light fittings were a display of wealth, which makes them a key part of Victorian interiors. Lighting will make or break any room and is key for bringing your desired mood to the space. If you’re looking for a focal point, then a chandelier is the perfect choice and will pair brilliantly with a ceiling rose (another traditional feature of Victorian living rooms), and if you’re looking for something cosier, then try lanterns, candlesticks and pendant lights.

Image: DelightFULL

We’d love to know which interior trend was your favourite from 2022. Let us know in the comments!



22nd December 2022


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