Out with the old, in with the new: Gorenje supports AMDEA’s statement about customer incentives for efficient appliances

Gorenje, the Slovenian manufacturer famed for its effective and efficient appliances, agrees with recent comments made by AMDEA, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, about the need to incentivise consumers to replace their existing products with more efficient models*.

AMDEA made its comments after the government released its latest proposals to cut domestic electricity use across the UK. AMDEA’s ‘Time to Change’ campaign has long argued that domestic appliances should be included in energy saving initiatives such as the Green Deal, which up until now have focused exclusively on heating and improvements to the fabric of buildings.

Appliances, particularly those in the kitchen and laundry sector, consume the largest amount of energy in a typical home. While ever more efficient models are being introduced by manufacturers at all price points, increasing choice and availability, many consumers are still reluctant to replace their existing products if they are still working. Gorenje believes that the government should put in place rewards and incentives to encourage the consumer to do this, and help them to become more aware of the long-term savings that can be achieved.

Gorenje offers a wide range of energy-efficient appliances across all product sectors, all of which demonstrate real value for money thanks to their superior build quality, advanced technology that enhances and improves the consumer experience, and stylish design. Next year will also see the launch of a new collection of incredibly efficient washing machines and tumble dryers, with energy ratings of up to ‘A-50%’.

Bill Miller, Gorenje’s Sales and Marketing Director, says: “While today’s consumer is far more energy conscious than in previous years, there is still some way to go and the government must be prepared to help them to make their homes as efficient as possible.

“Appliances are a key way for the consumer to minimise their resource use, but when an existing product still works, many may need that extra push to do the right thing. This is an area where government-endorsed incentives could really make the difference, bringing the issue to the consumer’s attention and highlighting to them the savings that could be made.”

For further information about Gorenje’s efficient appliances please contact your Area Sales Manager, call Gorenje on 0208 247 3980 or visit the website at www.gorenje.co.uk to find your nearest stockist.


11th December 2012

* AMDEA’s response to Government proposals:

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