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Reduce Noise In The Kitchen With Quiet Appliances From InSinkErator

With open-plan living on the rise, the noise level of kitchen appliances is becoming more important. On National Quiet Day, InSinkErator® encourages consumers to make small changes to reduce noise in the kitchen, resulting in a more peaceful home environment.

National Quiet Day takes place on the second Wednesday of September and encourages people to seek sanctuary in silence. National Quiet Day also raises awareness of the issue that noise has a substantial effect on our wellbeing and mental health.

InSinkErator® food waste disposers allow food waste to be dealt with instantly, hygienically and in a sustainable manner, with further benefits of saving space and improving cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen. A common myth associated with food waste disposers is that they are a loud and noisy kitchen appliance. The InSinkErator® Evolution 200 food waste disposer has been tested by a European independent association and achieved the lowest noise level across all food waste disposers and operates at only 25dB(A)1, which is around a similar level of rustling leaves and quieter than a bowl of crackling Rice Krispies in milk2. The Evolution 100 and M Series 66 models both achieved B class ratings with low noise levels of 27 dB and 26 dB, respectively1.

Furthermore, in a survey conducted for National Quiet Day, consumers named the kettle as the third nosiest annoying kitchen appliance3.  Replacing the kettle for an instant steaming hot water tap from InSinkErator® is a positive lifestyle change for any household. Not only is a steaming hot water tap quieter than a kettle, it can also save the time and energy lost waiting for the kettle to boil and de-clutter the worktop.

Steaming hot water taps from InSinkErator® come complete with a compact water tank of 2.5 litres, the NeoTank, which benefits from an enhanced internal and external design to ensure a quiet operation. The NeoTank also features an adjustable, digital thermostat, enabling users to get the perfect cuppa by setting the desired temperature of the water between 88 and 98°C.

Anne Kaarlela, Marketing Communications Manager, Europe and Russia InSinkErator®, says: “Appliance noise can be magnified in a smaller space and can have a detrimental effect on the consumer’s wellbeing over time. Therefore, appliances with low noise output are highly sought after by consumers with compact kitchens as well as those who have embraced open-plan living. Thanks to their quiet operation, InSinkErator® products offer consumers convenient, sustainable solutions while decreasing noise levels in the home.”


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Notes for editors:

1 Noise measurements of InSinkErator food waste disposers®

2 The Worlds Loudest Noises


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  1. Ditch the kettle and install an InSinkErator® steaming hot water tap
  2. The InSinkErator® Evolution 200 food waste disposer operates at only 25dB(A)1

About InSinkErator®:

InSinkErator® UK, a business unit of Emerson, is the UK and world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and the clear global market leader. Food waste disposers divert around 20 per cent of household waste away from landfill and have been shown to have a smaller carbon footprint than kerbside collection. In 2007 InSinkErator® launched a brand new product, the Steaming Hot Water Tap, which delivers filtered, steaming hot water on demand. The InSinkErator® range of steaming hot water taps has achieved approval from WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

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12th September 2018



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