retra pledges support for radio amnesty

retra, the independent radio, electrical and television retailers’ association, is delighted to support the forthcoming Radio Amnesty organised by BBC radio and commercial radio stations.

Running from 22nd May 2010 for four weeks, manufacturers and retailers will offer consumers a ten per cent discount on a range of DAB radios when they trade-in their old analogue radio.

The initiative is being supported by BBC radio stations and commercial radio stations, which will arrange for the old radios to be reconditioned and sent to Southern Africa as part of the educational programmes run by the Children’s Radio Foundation and Unicef. Alternatively, retailers can recycle the radios under the normal WEE Directive.

The BBC has produced point-of-sale material for retailers to promote the amnesty and both BBC radio and commercial radio stations will trail it beforehand. Listeners will be given a website address to find their nearest participating independent retailer. retra will also be sending its members the point-of-sale material, on behalf of the BBC.

The campaign is being timed to support the summer of sport and the soon-to-be-upon-us football World Cup in particular.

Bryan Lovewell, Chief Executive of retra, says: “We are delighted to support this excellent initiative. Not only do consumers get a brand new digital radio at a discounted price, retailers get the chance to do business and help charity at the same time.

“With the football World Cup looming, as well as the perennial favourites of Wimbledon and cricket, what better time to remind people of the benefits of digital radio?

“We would strongly recommend that retailers get involved and support the Radio Amnesty.”

For more details about the Radio Amnesty, please call 01234 269110, email or visit


20th May 2010

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