Shhh! The First Ever National Quiet Day is Nearly Upon Us

Shhh! It’s National Quiet Day on Wednesday 14th September 2016.

Noise is everywhere, on a crowded train, in the busy office, in the pub, the school playground, and even at home. We simply can’t seem to get away from the buzz of everyday life. Sometimes it can just all be too much.

We know that peace and quiet is good for the both the body and the mind, but it’s increasingly difficult in today’s world to experience real quiet, and that’s why the first ever National Quiet Day is so important.

Judy Edworthy, Professor of Applied Psychology at Plymouth University explains: “Noise can be fatiguing, it can increase our stress levels, it can cause annoyance, it affects our ability to concentrate, and it can affect our whole body directly in ways which are not always obvious.”

So why not stop, take a little time for yourself, discover your inner Zen, and enjoy some sanctuary in silence on the 14th September, if even for just a moment.

For more information on National Quiet Day, visit and follow #nationalquietday for updates on social media.

National Quiet Day is in partnership with appliance manufacturer Whirlpool.


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National Quiet Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday of September, and was first established by Whirlpool in 2016, in association with renowned academics in the field of noise and psychology: Judy Edworthy, Professor of Applied Psychology, Plymouth University; Stephen Stansfeld, Professor of Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London; Brian C. J. Moore, Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception, University of Cambridge; and in partnership with popular blogs: Life In a Breakdown; Mum in the Mad House; Time2Gossip; and The Test Pit

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7th September 2016



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