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Small Spaces and Stylish Dining

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This week brings tips on making a small room feel bigger as well as gorgeous dining room décor ideas.

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YourHomeStyle – Nine ways to make a small room feel bigger

It’s hard to love a room that feels cramped, but sometimes it’s best to make the most out of what you have. This is why we love this article by YourHomeStyle, which gives some tips on making a small room feel bigger so that you can still feel creative when designing its interior, despite the space limitations.

Taking vertical space into consideration can help with creating the illusion of a bigger room. A suggestion for this would be to use low profile furniture which will make the room seem more spacious. On top of this, although it may be tempting to push the furniture up against the wall to create more space, making room between the furniture and the walls actually gives the impression that there is more space than there actually is. A similar tactic can be to use open shelving rather than cabinets with doors, this will also open up the opportunity to have some items on display within the shelves, giving you further decorating options. It’s also recommended that you put up some interesting wall art up rather than leaving the walls bare; when positioned correctly wall art will add even more character to the room without overwhelming it.

Not only will mirrors give the illusion of a larger space, they also reflect light and brighten the room up. This trick can also be implemented using clear furniture, which light will bounce off and the fact that it’s see-through will make it seem as though it’s not taking up as much room. This will be further enhanced by painting your walls white, as they will create a lighter atmosphere than darker shades. Think about your window decorations because curtains will fill the room up more, maybe consider shutters or window film as an alternative which will also let more light in.

Have these tips given you ideas on styling your small room? Let us know in the comments!

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House Beautiful – Dining room décor tips to enhance mealtimes

For many of us, Covid-19 restrictions have meant that our dining rooms have remained unused throughout the majority of the past 18 months, particularly when it comes to couples or people that live alone. However, now that restrictions have started to be lifted and we can finally invite friends and family over for dinner, it’s time to dust off your favourite tablecloth and crockery set! This article from House Beautiful shows us exactly how to style our dining rooms to make a stunning impression on our guests, spanning a variety of décor tips from wall colour to tableware.

According to the article, colour is key when creating the right atmosphere in the dining room. Green is a great choice as our brains associate it with “nature and healthy eating, which can in turn increase appetites and help us get more enjoyment from our food”, while red shades help to “energise us and can increase social interaction, while also making people feel hungrier”. We certainly didn’t realise that colour can play such a big role when it comes to our appetite! In addition to colour, lighting is also important, and House Beautiful offers up some super helpful tips on how to ensure your dining room is perfectly lit. Lighting should be bright so your guests can see the delicious food they are eating, and natural light is always the best option where possible.

An interesting tip that we had not considered before reading this article is to keep in mind that tableware shouldn’t overwhelm the senses (so say goodbye to those colourful crockery sets!). As House Beautiful states, “white plates tend to enhance sweet flavours in food, while black angular plates will bring out more savoury flavours”.

To find out more about these tips and tricks and to ensure your dining room is styled to perfection, make sure you check out this article. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments who you’ll be inviting over now that restrictions have been eased!


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21st May 2021

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