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Livingetc – Anti-snore pillows, auto baths, and smart trash – all of the biggest smart home trends for 2022

Smart home technology has been a growing trend for years and just about any household object can now come with connectivity, from our appliances to our lighting. Many of our blog posts for the past few weeks have been looking at 2022 trends and so far we’ve taken a dive into lighting, kitchens, wallpaper, living rooms, and home improvement. Now that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 has been held, Livingetc has put together some of the biggest smart home trends that are expected for 2022 as well as some of the latest innovations presented at the event. Some of them are sure to surprise you!

Sleeping is vitally important for both our mental and physical health, so it’s no wonder that technology designed to help us sleep better is set to be popular in 2022. A variety of smart pillow innovations in particular were demonstrated at CES 2022, each made for a different purpose. The Motion Pillow 3 is designed to inflate and reposition the user’s head when they start to snore, a great choice for a spouse if they are a noisy sleeper! Alternatively, the T-Pillow helps to soothe neck pain by offering massages and temperature controls. And if you struggle with back pain, the Anssil Mattress is perfect for measuring your body proportions and weight and then adjusting the mattress’ firmness to suit your individual needs.

There’s no surprise that eco-awareness is expected to be bigger than ever in 2022, and there’s plenty of smart home technology to help reduce your water consumption and waste. The Aguardio G2 is a very simple, yet effective device that is designed to let you know how long you’re spending in the shower by using the temperature and humidity in the room to detect when you have turned the water on and off. According to Livingetc, just being more aware of how long we are spending in the shower has been proven by studies to reduce our water consumption by 30 per cent! The RainStick Shower can also help regulate your water and energy usage by as much as 80 per cent by capturing the water you use, cleansing it and recirculating it back through the shower head.

Home security is set to become easier to use and more affordable in 2022 with more systems fitted with smart home tech becoming available. Arlo is set to release its new security system that will be compatible with its existing doorbells and cameras, as well as offering up to eight functions such as smoke, temperature and light monitoring to minimise the number of devices you need for these uses. Similarly, Ring has announced its Ring Always Home Cam, a flying camera that will mean you don’t need multiple indoor security cameras to keep an eye on different rooms of the house.

What’s your favourite 2022 smart home innovation? Let us know in the comments!

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Real Homes – Bathroom trends 2022 – 10 looks for a fresh and fun space

Anyone that’s a regular reader of our Favourite Articles of the Week blog posts will know that we’re always looking out for the latest trends when it comes to interior design. This is never truer than at the start of a brand new year, when many of us will be collecting ideas and making plans on how we can transform our homes throughout the year ahead. This article from Real Homes delves into the key bathroom trends that are set to be popular in 2022, as well as providing advice on how we can recreate these looks.

According to the article, chunky sanitaryware is set to be incredibly popular throughout 2022, so we’ll be waving goodbye to delicate and dainty designs. The only downside to this style is that chunky baths, sinks and toilets are typically better suited to larger bathrooms, however the article suggests that they can work in smaller spaces too. A further trend to keep an eye out for in the months ahead is recessed shelving, such as in the example pictured below. While opting for this type of shelving can slightly reduce the footprint of your bathroom, it’s a great option for providing additional storage, while also adding a stylish feature to your space!

Image: Carla Aston

Like it or love it, wallpaper has witnessed a resurgence in the home in recent years, and in 2022 we’re set to see a huge increase in people decorating their bathrooms with specialist wallpapers that can withstand splashes, steam and humid environments. When it comes to colours, earthy shades like terracotta are expected to be popular this year. According to Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs, these tones “add warm richness and sophistication to bathrooms”, as well as being both “grounding and vibrant at the same time”. If you’d like to introduce this colour into your bathroom, the article suggests combining it with fresh white shades for a calming and cocooning atmosphere.

One trend that we were thrilled to see on the list was pink! Here at jmm PR, pink is our favourite colour to use when decorating our homes and, according to Julie Lockwood, the Project Manager at Bathrooms to Love, “pink is surprisingly versatile” and is “able to be mixed with almost any other colour”. We love the idea of using pink in the bathroom to perfectly complement matt black cabinet handles, taps and showers!

What’s your favourite bathroom trend from the article? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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13th January 2022


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