Summer Sleeping and A-List Interiors

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This week brings tips on getting to sleep on a hot day as well as a look around

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new home!

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Ideal Home – Too hot to sleep? Here’s how to keep bedrooms cool during hot weather

Hot weather is lovely during the day, but it can be a completely different story when it comes to getting to sleep at night. It’s common to spend hours tossing and turning during the warmer months, especially if you don’t own a fan. In fact, there’s few things worse than struggling to stay cool while trying to sleep in a hot and stuffy room, this is why we found this article by Ideal Home extremely helpful.

One thing we learnt is that it’s not always best to just open all the windows; it all depends on their positioning as to whether this will make matters worse or not. If your window is north-facing, opening it could actually bring hot air in. Indoor plants can also keep the temperature of the room down as they consume hot air and release moisture from their leaves. Rubber plants, Chinese evergreens, palms, mother-in-law’s tongue and weeping fig are the recommended plant types for this effect. Light bulbs will give off extra heat too, so switching off the lights will also prevent the room from getting hotter. And although fans are a lifesaver during these months, they will often blow around the hot air, but if you put an open container filled with iced water in front of it, the fan will send cooler air your way.

You can also opt for pure cotton sheets over synthetic ones; this will help keep moisture levels low to avoid feeling clammy while you’re trying to sleep. What’s more, this article even suggests putting your bedding in the fridge or freezer and taking it out when you go to bed, using a zip-lock bag will keep it dry and it will be chilled long enough for you to fall asleep comfortably. It’s also recommended to freeze a filled water bottle and putting that or another cold press on your pulse points will increase its effectiveness.

The way you act can also affect your ability to falling asleep, worrying and moving around will cause your body temperature to rise, as will caffeine, alcohol or a large meal. It’s best to have a cool shower or bath and stay hydrated with cold water, which will keep your body temperature lower.

Do you have any tips or tricks to staying cool at night? Let us know in the comments!

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Livingetc – Five interior design lessons to steal from Leonardo DiCaprio’s fashionable new Los Feliz home

Is there anything better than taking a peek inside a celebrity’s home? Yes, getting interior design tips from the celebrity! If, like us, you unfortunately haven’t got any A-Listers in your contacts, this article from Livingetc provides the next best thing. Leonardo DiCaprio has just bought a new home in LA (from Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler nonetheless!) and Livingetc takes us through the Spanish-style property, while giving tips on how to emulate the star-studded interior design in your own home.

The first tip, which is pictured above, is to blur the boundaries between your living area and the outdoors. As you can see, Leo’s home has a sofa, chairs and coffee table, complete with an outdoor rug that separates this lounge-style area from the rest of the garden. According to Livingetc, “This outdoor lounge creates an effortless flow between the interior and exterior spaces – thus blurring the walls and making the home feel even bigger.” While we may not all have the space that this Los Angeles abode has to offer, Livingetc explains how this tip can be used in all homes, suggesting continuing a colour scheme between an apartment and balcony for a similar effect.

Our favourite lesson from the article is to paint the exterior of your home using bright colours. Leonardo’s place boasts bright blue windows and doors, which beautifully stand out against the white walls. Admittedly, this could perhaps stand out a bit too much in a row of houses in streets like ours, but we could certainly take this tip and tone it down a little. Different coloured front doors have been growing in popularity over the past few years, so why not take this a step further and paint other accents of your exterior in the same colour? We’d love to know if any of you have already done this!

Lastly, this article has got us lusting for a bit of luxury. We love Livingetc’s sentiment that ‘the power of a chandelier is timeless’ and the fact that experts have suggested that “chandeliers can make small hallways look bigger”, we know what we’ll be shopping for this weekend!


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4th June 2021

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