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TV Ideas and Organised Hallways

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings a piece on living room TVs as well as organisation tips for a stylish hallway.

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Livingetc – Living room TV ideas – upgrade your decor with these stunning looks

Bold black TVs can be difficult to place when you’ve spent so much time and effort perfecting the look of your living room. Similar to a sofa, they are a staple item in most living rooms. With more of us investing in bigger TVs to replicate the cinema experience (some even stretching to over 75 inches), they can be incredibly difficult to incorporate into your living space. This is why we loved this article by Livingetc, which features some unique and creative ideas on making your TV a part of your living room design, rather than an obstacle.

First off, it’s important that no matter where your TV is positioned, you’re able to see it clearly. Livingetc advises that your eyes should fall from one-third to halfway down the TV screen from where you are sitting, so you should place it where you achieve this result. On top of this, the size of your TV should also be taken into consideration. To help avoid eyestrain and to also get the most out of your viewing experience, if your TV is between 30 and 49 inches, you should be sitting three to five feet away from it and if your TV is 50 inches or above, you should be over six feet away from it. Although it may be tempting to go for the biggest screen possible, Kevin Walmsley, TV expert at, also recommends reducing the size of your TV if it catches the light or blocks natural light from the windows.

To keep your TV out of sight, why not try fitting some cabinetry with a sliding door, this means you would only need to reveal your TV when you need it. You can even invest in a pop-up TV cabinet, these are electronic cabinets that come in various forms and will uncover your TV at the push of a button, whether this be to lift it from within a cabinet or reveal it from behind a panel. Another option is to hide your TV within a wall mounted mirror, that way it becomes another part of your living room’s décor when you’re not using it.

If shutting your TV away isn’t an option, try drawing attention away from it. To do this, Livingetc suggests framing it with bookshelves, as the vibrancy of the books will draw eyes away from the TV sat in the middle of it all. To stop this set-up from being too overpowering, make those colours pop with a white bookshelf. Livingetc also suggests balancing the TV out with artwork or shelving decorated with exciting ornaments to ensure it isn’t dominating your living room. You can also try building your TV into the wall to make your space look sleeker and more sophisticated. If you’re looking for a solution with a bit less work, why not try just painting the walls a darker colour so that they match the black tones of the TV?

Finally, if you can’t hide your TV then try embracing it. Find an eye-catching TV stand and make it a focal point rather than an eyesore, you can do this by selecting a stand that matches your colour scheme but features some interesting shapes or designs to draw attention to it.

What’s your favourite idea for incorporating your TV into your living room design? Let us know in the comments.


Image: YourHomeStyle

YourHomeStyle – How to organise your hallway

Now that many of us have started going back to the office and are getting out and about during weekends too, having a stylish, clutter-free hallway to welcome you home is more important than ever. This week, we’ve found a great article from YourHomeStyle that shares some top tips for an organised hallway.

Despite being a high traffic space, the hallway is actually one of the rooms in the house that we spend the least amount of time in, so it’s no surprise that we can often neglect this area when decorating our homes. The first suggestion offered in the article is to ensure that you have ample storage in your hallway. In addition to guaranteeing that you will have somewhere to place coats, keys, face masks and other miscellaneous items, opting for baskets, drawers and coat hooks will make your space look super stylish too! We love the idea of allocating a drawer for each member of the household, ensuring that everyone has plenty of space to store any items they need when entering or leaving the house.

When it comes to shoes, it may be convenient to have them lined up by the front door ready to slip on and off, however this can contribute to the area feeling cluttered and chaotic. To streamline your hallway, YourHomeStyle suggests keeping shoes out of sight by investing in a shoe rack or a large basket. Another great tip included in the article is to only keep coats and shoes in your hallway that you need on a regular basis; everything else can be put into storage and kept elsewhere in the house. This may sound simple, but it will do wonders when it comes to creating a more organised, clutter-free space!

For those of us lucky enough to have a large hallway, opting for some seating, such as a bench decorated with cushions, can provide the perfect place for you and your guests to put on and take off shoes. Many benches even come with built-in storage, ensuring they are not only stylish, but functional too! Finally, this next tip is our favourite from the article and one we’ll definitely be trying out at home. YourHomeStyle suggests placing an ‘essentials’ basket near your front door, which you can use to store a range of items including umbrellas and reusable shopping bags, as well as winter must-haves like hats and gloves.

Have you got any top tips for creating an organised, stylish hallway? Let us know in the comments. If you’re looking for more hallway design advice, why not check out our blog post from last week, which includes a range of helpful tips on how to make the most of the space underneath your stairs!


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1st October 2021


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