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Wallpaper Trends and Christmas Renting

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings the top wallpaper trends to look out for in 2022 as well as items that you can rent to help with hosting at Christmas.

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Ideal Home – Wallpaper trends 2022 – the styles that are already the talk of the town

For the first of our ‘Favourite Articles of the Week’, we’re taking a break from the festivities to look at some upcoming trends for 2022. This week, Ideal Home brought us a guide on the top wallpaper trends to look out for next year, featuring some stunning inspiration and expert advice from a range of industry experts.

Switching up your wallpaper is a great way to transform your home and, according to the article, is a key interiors trend to look out for in 2022! Abstract designs are growing in popularity, as are nature-inspired prints that enable us to bring the outdoors into our homes. Interestingly, wood-effect wallpaper has also witnessed a surge in popularity, and this is likely to continue throughout 2022. According to Olivia Crosher, Interior Designer at Naturewall, this is due to a “desire to be more connected to nature”, as people are increasingly looking to add natural colours and materials to their homes to make them “comfortable, calming and relaxing environments”.

Who says wallpaper is just for your living room or bedroom? According to the article, the cloakroom is a great place to show off your style with some stunning wallpaper! Rebecca Drury, Co-Founder at MissPrint says, “Ensuring big impact in small spaces, colourful and patterned wallpaper is ideal, from bold geometric designs to large-scale botanical prints”. Wallpaper with architectural influences or those depicting sports and country pursuits are also set to be popular next year, as well as designs that give the illusion of being 3D. According to the article, those interested in achieving a 3D-effect should opt for a print that reflects the rest of the space, such as an ocean inspired print in a bathroom or shelves of books in a home office.

We’re big fans of all things pink and girly here at jmm PR, so it’s no surprise that the floral trend is our favourite of the upcoming styles to look out for! According to the article, the size of your space is key for making floral wallpaper work, with big flowers best for larger rooms. On the other hand, compact spaces would benefit from more intricate floral designs.

The article also shares some of the top wallpaper trends from 2021 that are still popular, including a modern take on wallpaper borders, textured walls and artistic lines! So, if you’re looking to revamp your space with wallpaper next year, make sure you check out this article and don’t forget to let us know which trend is your favourite.

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Country Living – 5 things you can rent to help you host this Christmas

 Although many of us are looking forward to Christmas, it can be incredibly stressful if you are hosting family and friends in your home. Renting products has become more popular in recent years, with more people preferring to rent furniture and even clothes rather than buying everything brand new. It’s easy to see why as renting is not only eco-friendly and beneficial to those who like to frequently change up their style, but also incredibly helpful over the Christmas period if you don’t have enough furniture to support the number of invited guests, nor the space or need to keep it once the festive period has passed. This is why we found this article by Country Living really useful.

Multi-purpose furniture can be a life (and space) saver over the Christmas period when it’s important to keep the house looking neat and tidy, as well as adhering to our guests’ needs. Sofa beds in particular are hugely beneficial when you have people staying at your home overnight as not only will it offer extra seating space, but they also double up as a place to sleep if you don’t have a bedroom to spare. In fact, rental company Fat Llama has reported a 400 per cent increase in sofa bed orders within the last week as people prepare for the Christmas period.

Dining tables are essential for Christmas, though not everyone owns one or has one big enough to sit the number of guests they have invited. Some people even own a dining table but only use it for special occasions, which makes renting them even more useful rather than having the table take up space when not in use. Speaking of items that only come out on special occasions, you can even rent lights, decorations, and Christmas trees! Not only is this handy if you don’t have the loft space to keep a reusable tree and decorations but it also offers an eco-friendly solution to buying a real tree. Tree rental company, Cotswold Fir, reported a 30 per cent increase in Christmas tree rentals each year. They will simply collect the rented tree after the Christmas period and then replant it so it’s ready to rent out again the following year, you can even rent out the same tree you’ve had before (though keep in mind they grow by a foot each year)!

Are you renting anything over the Christmas period? Let us know in the comments!


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10th December 2021

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