Warming drawers have become quite a thriving market in their own right and not surprisingly so. They are more versatile appliances than often imagined and quality is still the all important barometer when you go to the top of the market.

Luxury manufacturer KitchenAid offers a choice of sizes with its 29cm high KSDX 2910/2940 and 14cm KSDA 1410 /1440 warming drawers, and all models have been designed to be worthy of the best restaurants. Fashioned from scratch resistant EasyClean stainless steel, KitchenAid’s warming drawers offer consistently professional results for the busy cook.

They have near identical features, although the more powerful KSDX 2910 has seven settings compared to the three settings of its smaller sister.

Caroline Guillermard, Product Marketing Manager, Premium, for KitchenAid, says: “Warming drawers are much more than one dimensional products, and Kitchenaid’s not only warm food but also crockery and dishes, as well as being able to prove bread and perform other useful tasks such as thawing delicate dishes.

“Design-wise, these warming drawers can slot beautifully into a bank or stack of appliances for the perfect streamlined look. They are ideal for resting joints and poultry prior to carving, as well as keeping vegetables warm or warming crockery for that special meal!”

Key features and benefits of the KitchenAid KSDX 2910 and KSDA 1410 Warming Drawers:

  • Built-in either 14 or 29cm high models with either handle or handless access
  • Six or 12 place settings depending on model
  • Fashioned from scratch resistant EasyClean stainless steel
  • Highly professional appliances in the KitchenAid tradition, ideal for keen and busy cooks and chefs
  • Excellent for keeping dishes at the right temperature or resting dishes prior to transferring to the table
  • Perfect for raising dough or thawing delicate dishes
  • Great for keeping pizza warm as well as a batch of pancakes
  • Excellent for warming crockery and bread rolls for a dinner party
  • Ideal for keeping late-comers dishes warm
  • Up to seven settings, depending on model with fanned heat circulation
  • Temperature range of 30-85°C depending on model
  • Maximum load of 25kg

For more information on KitchenAid’s Warming Drawers and other appliances in the company’s range, call your Regional Business Manager or KitchenAid on 0800 988 1266 or visit the website at www.kitchenaid.co.uk for full specification.


Image caption:  Luxury manufacturer KitchenAid offers a choice of  warming drawers in a variety of sizes including the 29cm KSDX 2910 and 14cm KSDX 1410; the ideal solution to serving food on hot plates and invaluable for keeping food warm while you entertain guests.

6th October 2010

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