Whirlpool, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, has partnered with Microban® to develop an anti-bacterial refrigerator air filtration system to protect consumers’ food from harmful bacteria.

All the air in a Whirlpool fridge passes through the high-tech Microban® anti-bacterial filter. Microban® is the world leader in anti-bacterial air filtration designed to reduce bacteria, odours and mould in the refrigerator. This ensures mould and odours cannot survive to cause a harmful build up of bacteria. This means Whirlpool’s fridges stay hygienic for longer, offering the enterprising retailer a valuable sales tool.

Recent research by Microban® found the salad drawer is the most dangerous place in the fridge, with almost 8,000 bacteria per square centimetre. Whirlpool’s fridges, with the help of Microban®, can kill the majority of bacteria that lands on a surface within 24 hours, meaning food lasts longer and consumers can reduce the time they spend cleaning their fridges.

In a poll by Gallup1 75 per cent of consumers preferred to purchase a product with antimicrobial protection, making Whirlpool’s Microban® air filtration system an excellent selling tool. Whirlpool’s impressive line up of refrigerators featuring Microban® filters include the award winning Nova Side by Side, with its flush design, 6th Sense technology and anti-bacterial filter, it has everything a consumer needs.

Juliana Sado, Brand Marketing Manager for Whirlpool, said: “Hygiene in refrigerators is of the utmost importance to Whirlpool, especially during the festive season when consumers store the festive poultry and bulk buy. Whirlpool’s partnership with Microban® is an excellent benefit for consumers.

“Whirlpool’s partnership with Microban® is a great advantage for the retailer too, as it provides added value at point of sale. Ideally, the filters should be replaced six monthly, providing long-term income and footfall to the store to buy a new Microban® filter.”

For more information on Whirlpool’s refrigerators with Microban® anti-bacterial air filtration systems contact your Regional Business Manager or telephone 0208 649 5000.


1. Link to article in the Daily Mail including research by Microban® http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2050643/Most-dangerous-place-fridge-With-8-000-bacteria-square-centimetre-salad-drawer.html

Image caption: Whirlpool’s Nova Side by Side refrigerator with Microban® anti-bacterial air filter to reduce bacteria and protect consumers.

10th January 2012

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