Whirlpool Built in Dishwasher

Whirlpool’s latest built-in dishwasher has it all, and it fits seamlessly into the contemporary kitchen. The sleek and dynamic appearance dovetails beautifully with the very latest intelligent technology in the new fully integrated ADG8300 Aquasteam model.

Whirlpool’s new version of its patented 6th Sense technology now offers even greater efficiency and impressive results. The One-Touch™ technology means that dishes are washed at the optimal temperature, using the least energy, time and water, no matter how dirty they are. This advanced programme automatically senses the level of soiling and adjusts the programme accordingly.

In comparison tests between minimum and maximum consumption of water energy and time on a 6th Sense 40-70° programme, the technology saves up to 30% of energy, water and time by recognising the level of soiling and automatically adjusting the resources.

A good example of the savings that can be made is the sobering fact that hand washing dishes uses between 42 and 104 litres every time. Whirlpool’s 6th Sense®, by contrast, can reduce consumption to as little as seven litres with certain programmes.

The power and considerable benefits of steam cleaning add further force and selling power to this highly versatile appliance in the form of Whirlpool’s powerful Aquasteam technology. The ADG 8300 uses steam during the cycle, an incredibly effective way of softening up dried on soil, as well as helping to eliminate bacteria.

No pre-rinsing or scrubbing is required either, thanks to the machine’s impressive Powerclean facility. Positioned at the back of the tub, the Powerclean system cleans soil from pots and pans using 32 high pressure jets, eliminating any need for pre-treatment prior to loading.

Another great feature of the ADG 8300 and a super selling point is the dishwasher’s flexible third level rack, which contains two removable trays that can be placed in two different positions to allow for flexible usage. Not only suitable for all types of cutlery including ladles, serving spoons and carving knives, it is roomy enough to take espresso cups too! This innovative solution releases dishwasher space in the lower basket to accommodate 13 place settings.

A sound long term investment, the ADG 8300 dishwasher will even save consumers money (where appropriate tariffs are available) and energy while they are sleeping. The super silent overnight programme runs at only 39dBA due to the machine’s modular water pressure system.

Although a built in model, which means you may customise as you wish, Whirlpool also offers the AMC 916 premium stainless steel door as an optional extra. Everything is made as easy as possible for the customer by way of Whirlpool’s Pro Fit installation for easier fitting. These additional touches include the ability to adjust the back feet very simply from the front of the appliance to guarantee perfect balance, levelling and stability.

Ray Isted, Head of Training for Whirlpool, says: “Our cutting edge AquaSteam dishwashers are more stylish and easier to use than conventional dishwashers, and their hygiene ratings are very impressive. The anti-bacterial rinse destroys 99.9% of all bacteria as well as sanitising the dishes. This is a big, big plus in today’s society where hygiene has become so much more of a crucial issue.

“Our built-in ADG 8300 offers so much more with its 6th Sense® One-Touch™ technology, Powerclean function and its clever and versatile third level rack. Its energy ratings are excellent, as are its washing and drying performance, making the machine an all-round star in our portfolio.”

Key benefits of the new Whirlpool AquaSteam dishwasher, ADG 8300:

  • Built-in model for with integrated electronic controls for seamless integration
  • AquaSteam technology for softening dried on soil and helping to eliminate bacteria
  • Triple ‘A’ ratings for energy, washing and drying efficiency
  • 6th Sense® technology with One-Touch™ automatic sensor programme to save on time, energy or water
  • 13 place settings with third level rack containing two removable cutlery trays that can be placed in two different positions for flexible usage
  • PowerClean system with 32 high-pressure jets to eliminate pre-rinsing and scrubbing
  • Low noise level of 42dBA with super silent overnight programme with of 39dBA
  • Height adjustable upper basket and flexible lower basket with folding fitments
  • Multi-zone option for savings of up to 20% on resources using only the upper or lower rack for washing perhaps the breakfast dishes or heavily soiled pots and pans
  • Delayed start to take advantage of cheaper night-time tariffs
  • Multi-zone or half load option to wash half loads efficiently and economically in either top or bottom basket
  • Seven wash programmes including Bio/normal with anti-bacterial rinse to eliminate 99.9% bacteria, glass and express
  • Detergent options including multi-tablet
  • Anti-flooding system
  • Optional premium AMC 916 stainless steel door
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 820 x 597 x 555mm

For more information on Whirlpool’s AquaSteam dishwashers and other appliances call your Area Sales Manager or Whirlpool UK on 0208 649 5000 or visit the website at www.whirlpool.co.uk for full specification.


3rd November 2009

About Whirlpool Europe:

With around 12,500 employees, a sales presence in over 30 European countries and manufacturing sites in seven countries, Whirlpool Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation. The world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, Whirlpool Corporation has annual sales of approximately $19 billion, 70,000 employees, and 67 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp, Bauknecht and other major brand names to consumers in nearly every country around the world. Whirlpool’s European Operations’ Center is located in Comerio (VA), Italy. For further information on the company, please visit the Web Site www.whirlpoolcorp.com.

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