Whirlpool employees are continuing to do a sterling job in their support of the international charity, Habitat for Humanity, which combats poverty housing.

Habitat for Humanity has helped to build communities is some of the world’s most deprived areas, and Whirlpool Europe has become the charity’s longest standing corporate partner. Since 2004, more than 500 Whirlpool Europe employees have volunteered and participated in new house builds to help nearly 10,000 families.

Just recently a group of familiar faces from the Whirlpool UK team banded together to pitch in and help re-model part of the YMCA complex in Ealing, which was badly in need of refurbishment. Donning work clothes and wielding various painting implements was the team of Ray Isted, Madelaine Bulkes, Bob Broglia, Liz Tufts Vanessa Millar, Rob Howles, Althea Smith and Marc Fox. The team painted part of the corridor of the building where the teenagers live, giving it a fresher and more appealing appearance.

Madelaine Bulkes, Whirlpool’s Customer Service Credit Controller, says: “Participating in any Habitat for Humanity activity is always highly rewarding because you have a lot of fun, you get to know people who work with you and you know you are helping an excellent cause.

“When you look at the whole work, you can see how, with a little bit on your part, you are contributing to achieve a great goal for people that need it so much.”

For more information on Whirlpool’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity, call Whirlpool UK on 0208 649 5000 or visit the website at www.whirlpool.co.uk

Image captions: Whirlpool UK employees pitch in to help with the remodelling of the YMCA complex at Ealing in London.
1. The Whirlpool UK Habitat For Humanity team decorating the YMCA Ealing (L to R) Althea Smith, Ray Isted, Madelaine Bulkes.
2. Whirlpool UK Habitat for Humanity team (L to R) Madelaine Bulkes, Ray Isted, Althea Smith.
23rd June 2011

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