Whirlpool Launches New Freestanding Supreme Dual NoFrost Combi Fridge Freezers

Leading global appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool, has launched a new and innovative Supreme Dual NoFrost range of freestanding combi fridge freezers, created to preserve fresh food for longer to avoid waste.

A true revolution to the world of cooling, the new top-of-the-range Supreme Dual NoFrost refrigerator, featuring Whirlpool 6th Sense FreshControl technology, is a prompt response to consumer needs and confirms Whirlpool’s leadership in fresh and frozen food preservation.  Finished in the the new Absolute design aesthetic it combines contemporary, intuitive design to blend with a variety of kitchen styles and combines functionality with an appealing look.

Its revolutionary food-preservation technology was developed following the company’s European survey¹ about consumers’ food habits and attitudes towards food preservation, which revealed that 86 per cent of Europeans said avoiding food waste was a real priority. That same 86 per cent also stated that what they wanted most from a new generation refrigerator was storage that preserves food (including raw meat, fish, fruit and vegetables) freshness, taste and colour for longer. They also stated that the perfect freezer should completely eliminate irritating food-freezer burn and conserve the quality of frozen food, keeping it at its best.

The survey also revealed that one in three people rates the refrigerator as their key appliance and 56 per cent believe that, between what is stored inside and displayed on the exterior, their refrigerator reflects their whole lifestyle. In addition, British, Russian and Polish people like to personalise their fridge doors with travel magnets, family photos or shopping lists. According to the survey, the supermarket run is a weekly ritual all across Europe, for consumers to stock up on packaged food. However, some countries do still shop daily for fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese and meat. In the UK for example, the survey revealed that people drink a glass of milk every morning and so buy milk about three times a week.

After the weekly shop, the survey revealed that Italian fridges are filled with fresh fruit, as the Italians purchase more fruit than the average European; the French, British and Swedish have many dairy products in their fridges; the French love yoghurt, whereas eggs and milk are more popular among the Swedes and the Brits, while the Polish fridges are filled with cold cuts. In Russia, they store large quantities of meat and fish in their fridges and in Belgium and Holland, soft-drinks fill the fridges’ shelves.

The survey also revealed that the most popular ‘must have’ items in fridges vary from country to country.  Apart from milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables and meat, there are fascinating differences in refrigerator mainstays across the European countries studied.  56 per cent of Italians keep mineral water in their fridges, whilst 79 per cent of the French store yoghurt.  52 per cent of Belgians, 52 per cent of Dutch and 38 per cent of Brits always have soft drinks in their fridges, while 72 per cent of Polish consumers keep cold cuts in theirs.  64 per cent of Russians keep home-cooked food, enough to last the entire week, in their fridges, while 56 per cent of Swedish people always have onions and garlic in theirs. In addition, ice cream and pizza came out as clear favourites for many Europeans as items that must never be lacking in freezers, with 34 per cent of Belgians, 34 per cent of Dutch and 37 per cent of Brits stating them as the mainstays in their freezers.

The Whirlpool Supreme Dual NoFrost combi fridge freezer is a prompt response to these consumer needs. The new and innovative Supreme Dual NoFrost technology has two independent no frost systems, one for the fridge and one for the freezer, providing the best frost-free climate to store fresh and frozen food.  Supreme Dual NoFrost ensures excellent food preservation, optimum humidity and eliminates the mixing of odours between the fridge and the freezer.

The 6th Sense FreshControl technology constantly monitors temperature and humidity levels throughout the fridge compartment and restores the correct temperature five times² faster after the door has been opened.  A special fan also maintains optimum conditions inside the compartment.  According to AITA³ food technology experts, the ideal fridge humidity is 70-85 per cent, exactly that guaranteed by Whirlpool’s 6th Sense FreshControl technology.

As well as extending food life and reducing waste, the new Supreme Dual NoFrost fridge freezer range has a clean and hygienic interior and eliminates the usual condensation water droplets or frost that visibly gathers at the back of traditional fridge freezers. In addition, and ready for the up and coming BBQ season, the freezer will keep up to speed with a full supply of ice in record time.  It will make ice cubes in just 30 minutes, 75 per cent faster than traditional fridges.

Attention to detail is always a Whirlpool priority, so combining optimum functionality with an appealing look is essential.  The new range boasts the innovative Absolute design, a modern flush aesthetic featuring simple and visibly clear good-quality design.  Not just technology but also flexible internal organisation, revamped and upgraded, equals better food management.  All this comes with a new LED lighting system for perfect visibility throughout with the bonus of energy efficiency.

Commenting on the launch of the new Supreme Dual NoFrost range of freestanding combi fridge freezers in Absolute design, Helena Ryan, Trade Marketing Manager Whirlpool Ireland, says: “Beautifully designed in the new Absolute aesthetic, our Supreme Dual NoFrost range is the answer to consumers’ prayers. Designed specifically to preserve fresh food for longer to avoid waste, our new range of freestanding combi fridge freezers combines the finest technology with the means for optimum management of fresh and frozen food, driving towards zero wastage.”


Image caption: The new Whirlpool Supreme Dual NoFrost fridge freezer

Notes for editors:

¹The web-based quantitative survey was conducted in January 2015 by Research Plus Institute; the qualitative desk and field research was conducted by Memethic Lab. Counties: Italy, France, UK, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden.

Quantitative survey – sample definition:

  • 3,300 interviewed, spread as follows: 500 interviews in Italy, France, UK, Poland, Russia, Benelux (split 250/250 between Netherlands and Belgium); 300 interviews in Sweden
  • Gender: 70% females, 30% males, age 23-60

²Compared with Whirlpool products without 6TH SENSE Technology.

³AITA, Associazione Italiana di Tecnologia Alimentare, is a member of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). AITA is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit association of national food scientists and technologists.

Whirlpool Europe, Middle East and Africa

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9th June 2015



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