Whirlpool Launches Smart Supreme Care Laundry

There is an app for everything nowadays, and Whirlpool has now developed a smart washing machine and tumble dryer that communicate with each other, and can be controlled from anywhere, using their new 6th Sense LIVE® app, available on both iOS and Android.

Whirlpool has always delivered solutions that respond to consumer needs and 6th Sense LIVE®, an evolution of 6th Sense® technology, is the maximum expression of its undertaking to create purposeful technology to simplify our lives. The new Whirlpool 6th Sense LIVE® appliances have evolved from the award winning Supreme Care range of perfectly matching front loading washing machines and tumble dryers and combine smooth, innovative design with exceptional performance levels in noise, energy and garment care.

By giving you constant contact with your appliances, via your smart phone or tablet, the 6th Sense LIVE® app keeps you in touch with their progress at home or remotely, guiding you through the use of your appliance step-by-step, acting as an enhanced interface with new and unique features not available on traditional models. Your washer and dryer are connected, so work together in perfect harmony, with the dryer pre-setting the correct drying programme for the clothes you have just washed.

With dialogue between the washing machine and tumble dryer, the app communicates the washer’s current load type and spin speed and the dryer will automatically synchronise with the washing machine and set the correct drying cycle. All you need to do is input your needs and the app will suggest the best programme, simplifying the laundering process. The app sets the programme to guarantee the optimum wash results, garment care and resource consumption: Select one of three entry points: fabric type e.g. cotton; colour e.g. dark; or an item e.g. jeans; and then choose the wash, such as main wash or freshen up.

The app allows the user to customise washing and drying programmes. Create your ideal washing/drying programme, based on your family’s needs, and save it as a favourite to recall later, choose the most optimal times and resources to run programmes via the scheduler, or check your energy usage using the ECOMONITOR. The app will help you select the most efficient programme by displaying the estimated energy/water consumption. When a wash programme has finished, if you are not able to remove the laundry immediately, the app can suggest running the FreshCare option to keep your clothes fresh, gently tumbling the load until you are available.

Equipped with Whirlpool’s new ZenTechnology, the energy saving A+++ (-60%) Supreme Care washing machines are Quiet Mark accredited and, with an impressive noise reduction, they are the quietest on the market¹.  The new Whirlpool Supreme Care tumble dryers are also genuinely revolutionary, a far cry from the traditional stereotype. The top of the range Supreme Care HSCX 10441 Premium Design dryer features heat pump technology to guarantee maximum energy efficiency, with an A++ energy rating.  All Whirlpool models offer complete design symmetry with Supreme Care washing machines.

Jennifer Spragg, Senior Brand Manager, Whirlpool, says: “Whirlpool’s 6th Sense LIVE® technology links your laundry appliances and regulates their operation in perfect harmony. This latest development in product connectivity is a natural evolution of our 6th Sense® technology, which has revolutionised appliances and enriched the personal lifestyles of our customers. Super-efficient washing and drying can now be achieved with the absolute minimum of effort, resource efficiently.”

Whirlpool’s 6th Sense LIVE® app maximises the potential of your Supreme Care laundry appliances, which can bring greater personal convenience, as well as saving you time and money.  Features and benefits include:

  • Remote control of your appliances from wherever you are.  Set or change the programme settings; start or stop the appliance; check its progress and be notified when the programme has finished
  • Simple programming choices guarantee optimum wash results, garment care and resource consumption with minimum effort
  • ECOMONITOR to ensure the best energy and water efficiency simply. With the ECO function you can delegate the app to run the programme at the most efficient time of day.
  • PrecisionDose uses a bulk dispenser to automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent for each load, via 6th Sense® technology, saving up to 12 litres of detergent per year².
  • Schedule programmes within a 48 hours’ time frame, in addition to the appliance’s standard delayed start timer.  Provides an overview of the full appliance schedule, to avoid overlaps and energy-consumption peaks.
  • Order accessories and consumables from the Whirlpool online shop and receive promotions tailored to your appliances and usage habits.
  • Constant monitoring of your appliances, alerting you in the event of malfunction or failure is required, along with suggestions for maintenance or repair.
  • Practical online tutorials to guide and help from specific laundry challenges and tasks, as well as illustrating various programme functions and benefits.

The new flagship Supreme Care washing machine (FSCR 12441) and the matching Supreme Care tumble dryer (HSCX 10441) will be available from February 2016 and will retail for around £899.99 each.

For more information on the smart Whirlpool Supreme Care laundry range and your nearest stockist visit the website at www.whirlpool.co.uk


Image caption: Whirlpool’s new Supreme Care FSCR 12441 washing machine and matching HSCX 10441 tumble dryer are linked by the 6th Sense LIVE® technology app to keep consumers in constant touch, remotely controlling their progress.

Notes for editors:

¹ZEN Technology has the lowest noise level on the market.  Up to a 10kg load at 1400rpm (status: December 2014)

² Compared to a traditional Whirlpool washer without PrecisionDose technology; with 4 kg load per cycle, with high concentrated detergent, and medium level of dirt. Considering an average family of four people.

About Whirlpool:

Whirlpool is part of Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited. Superior performance, intuitive technology, and cutting-edge design are the key pillars of the Whirlpool brand, achieving industry and consumer recognition for its collection of intelligent 6th Sense appliance technology.

About Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited:

Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited is managed by Whirlpool EMEA, part of Whirlpool Corporation, the global leader in manufacturing and marketing of home appliances. Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited is the only white goods manufacturer to operate its own independent service and logistics operations.  In 2014, Whirlpool Corporation generated annual revenue of $20 billion, employs over 100,000 people with 70 centres of manufacturing and technical research and development worldwide. The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Scholtès, Hotpoint, Indesit, and other big-name brands in over 170 countries. Whirlpool’s European Operating Centre is located in Comerio, Italy.

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12th January 2016



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