Whirlpool Leads the Way in the Quiet Technology Revolution

Leading global appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool, is leading the way in revolutionising quiet technology with the launch of its latest innovative and exceptionally low noise level washing machines. The new range, which boasts the quietest on the market, operate remarkably discreetly, thanks to Whirlpool’s new technology and design.

With space at a premium, and more people living in smaller homes or in shared households, open-plan living is more popular than ever before. This often means that we have to turn up the television or radio if the kettle, dishwasher or washing machine spin cycle is on. Indeed, open-plan living can be very noisy with the number of household appliances we have in the average kitchen, especially if there’s not a separate utility room for laundry appliances.

Noise has become a pollutant in the home, with a modern express kettle often making as much noise (79 to 95 decibels) as a standard vacuum cleaner (83 decibels) and more than a lawnmower (90 decibels) according to a Which? survey.  A normal conversation is around 60 decibels, and so a loud kettle can easily drown out voices, or indeed the radio or television and interfere with family life.  Interestingly, in today’s demanding 24/7 working world, calm and tranquil space to focus and reflect has become so precious, that people are actually paying for it via Breather, a start-up offering ‘peace and quiet on demand’.

Whirlpool’s new washing machines have been designed specifically with this in mind. They marry sleek, cutting-edge design with outstanding performance and feature Whirlpool’s electronic sensor technology, pioneering 6th Sense that is intuitive and very easy to use, guaranteeing perfect and effortless results, very quietly.

With a modern, high-end aesthetic, the new energy saving A+++ (-50%) Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine boasts the quietest spin cycle on the market at just 67 dB (A) ¹ thanks to a new state of the art ZEN motor. This won’t disturb your day or even your night, should you wish to pop a wash on after bedtime. In fact, the spin is actually the loudest part of the cycle, and equivalent to background noise, such as sitting in a car with the engine running, or the sound of an air conditioning unit, so it is very quiet indeed. The revolutionary new ZEN motor ensures that both the washing and spinning cycles are extremely discreet, as the motor is connected directly to the drum, resulting in minimum vibration and noise.

Winner of the 2015 iF Design Award, a prize that recognises outstanding design quality in product discipline and the household category, the new Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine combines smooth, innovative design with exceptional performance levels in noise, energy and care of garments. The award is a strong endorsement of Whirlpool’s design strategy and ability to provide home life solutions that empower and simplify consumers’ lives. The innovative, new Supreme Care washing machines are available in sizes of 8kg, 9kg, 10kg and 12kg, and have a full three year warranty for parts and labour.

Complementing the innovative new washing machine is Whirlpool’s A++ Powerdry dishwasher, which boasts a particularly unobtrusive overnight programme and operates at just 39 dB(A) for extra peace and quiet.  With 6th Sense technology, not only is it easy to use, but it automatically detects how dirty dishes are, and adjusts water consumption and cleaning power accordingly, saving the consumer time, water and energy.  Its PowerClean jets also remove any burnt on food residue providing outstanding washing results every time.

Jennifer Spragg, Brand and Digital Marketing Manager, Whirlpool, says: “Our new generation of washing machines not only offer outstanding performance, with first-class eco-credentials, this range IS the quietest on the market.  We design all our appliances with the consumer in mind, offering the comfort and pleasure of excellent functionality with exceptionally low noise performance levels.  We believe, with this new range, that Whirlpool is indeed leading the way in the quiet technology revolution.”


Image caption: Whirlpool, the market’s quietest washing machine

Notes for editors:

¹ZEN Technology has the lowest noise level on the market.  Up to a 10kg load at 1400rpm (status: December 2014).

Whirlpool Europe, Middle East and Africa

With more than 26,000 employees, a market presence in more than 30 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and manufacturing sites in nine countries, Whirlpool Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) is managed by Whirlpool Corporation, the global leader in manufacturing and marketing of home appliances. In 2014, Whirlpool Corporation generated an annual revenue of $20 billion, 100,000 employees, and 70 centers of manufacturing and technical research, worldwide. The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Indesit, Hotpoint and other big-name brands in over 170 countries. Whirlpool’s European Operating Center is located in Comerio, Italy. For further information on the company, please visit the Web Site www.whirlpoolcorp.com

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28th July 2015



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