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InSinkErator® is based in Watford, Hertfordshire and is a business unit of Emerson USA, which is the world’s largest manufacturer and global market leader of food waste disposers. In 2007, InSinkErator® launched the steaming hot water tap, which delivers filtered, hot water up to 98°C on demand.

In 2014 the company introduced the 3N1 steaming hot water tap, delivering instant steaming hot, filtered water, alongside regular hot and cold water.

InSinkErator® is committed to providing products that are sustainable, offer convenience and style, and help to reduce the consumers’ carbon footprint.


Food Waste Collections Reduced – InSinkErator Offers A Sustainable Solution

Reports have stated that household waste collections, and food waste collections, across the UK have been reduced due to the current pandemic. This means that a number of homes could end up with an increased amount of unhygienic food waste mounting up in their bins, producing unwanted odours and potentially attracting pests, such as anything from flies in the warmer weather, to foxes and rats.

An InSinkErator® food waste disposer is the ideal solution to managing increased food waste and reduced bin collections, especially where home composting is not possible. With an InSinkErator® food waste disposer, households can reduce the amount of food waste lingering in their bins, by grinding leftover scraps quickly and easily in the kitchen sink, without the use of blades, and then simply flushing them away down the drain.

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Increase hygiene in the kitchen with easy-to-install solutions from InSinkErator

Hygiene in the kitchen is of utmost importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle for all the family. Ensuring worksurfaces are kept spotless and removing unpleasant food odours are key aspects of keeping the kitchen tidy and hygienic. InSinkErator® provides solutions for keeping worktops clean and un-cluttered in addition to eliminating food waste, and the associated odours, from the kitchen bin.

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Success for InSinkErator at kbb Birmingham 2020

InSinkErator® had an immensely successful exhibition at kbb Birmingham 2020. The newly-designed stand attracted a high volume of visitors that were the first to see a brand new range of additional steaming hot water taps from InSinkErator®, which were previewed at the exhibition.

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InSinkErator Previews New Range of Additional Taps

InSinkErator® previewed the Modern 3010 and 3020 taps, a collection of additional steaming hot water taps, at kbb 2020. The taps will be available in two shapes, J or U, and six metallic finishes, including brand new finishes Arctic Steel or Brushed Bronze as well as the on-trend finish of Velvet Black.

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Have a Sustainable Christmas with Easy to Install Solutions from InSinkErator

This Christmas, InSinkErator® encourages consumers to make positive lifestyle changes that can improve their sustainability in 2020. InSinkErator® is committed to providing lifestyle enhancing solutions, which encourage the efficient use of water, are safe within the home and reduce the impact that food and plastic waste has on landfill sites and the wider environment.

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