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Bedroom Decluttering and Stylish Homeware

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This week brings advice on what you can remove from your bedroom to declutter as well as stunning homeware picks that are available at high street stores across the UK!


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House Beautiful – 8 things a decluttering expert never has in their bedroom

Sleep is a vital aspect of our daily routine, and getting enough sleep is essential for a better quality of life. One thing you can do to improve how well you sleep is to declutter your room, as clutter overwhelms our senses and can make it trickier to relax and fall asleep. This article from House Beautiful includes eight things listed by experts to take out of your bedroom.

Relaxation is important for your bedroom, which is supposed to be your safe haven. Paperwork and other work-related clutter are a reminder of stress, so should be moved to a different room. If you work from home, it is essential that you do so elsewhere if you can and do not leave anything relating to your work in your room, saving the bedroom for rest. Speaking of unfinished business, put away the books you’re not currently reading too. Screens emit a blue light which can keep you awake longer, it is for this reason that scientists advise you don’t stare at a screen before going to bed. Decluttering expert, Helen Sanderson, advises removing technology from your bedroom altogether to prevent the temptation to use it when you’re supposed to be relaxing.

Your bedside table can easily become a storage space for anything you had in your hand before going to bed, quickly getting buried beneath glasses, books, and beauty products. It’s best to keep this area free and use it only for the essentials you need easy access to. Similarly, don’t turn the space beneath your bed into an alternative loft. So many of us store the items we don’t want to see but also don’t want to throw away underneath the bed, which further increases the clutter in our bedrooms. Decluttering expert, Vicky Silverthorn, advises using storage boxes if you can’t put these items elsewhere. This will at least keep the area tidy. You should also sort through your beauty products from time to time, everyone has a selection of makeup and skincare products, which they know they rarely use. These can also go out of date after a few months, so if it’s any older than six months it needs to go.

Vicky also recommends clearing your wardrobe of out-of-season clothes. There is no need to keep a pair of shorts or a crop top hung up in your wardrobe over winter, so why not put them away elsewhere for a few months to save space for items you will actually wear for the current season? On top of this, piles of clothes should definitely be avoided if possible, as this is another example of untidiness which could keep you awake.

Do you have any more suggestions of items to remove from the bedroom to help create a cosy and relaxing space? Let us know in the comments!

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SheerLuxe – Our Favourite Homeware On The High Street

Looking to update your home with some stylish new accessories? This week’s second article is perfect for you! SheerLuxe offers a roundup of their top high street homeware picks, and there’s sure to be something that will catch your eye!

Shopping for home accessories on the high street can often be an arduous task, particularly if you’re on the lookout for more original pieces to help give your space a unique feel. While most of us are familiar with stores such as H&M, Next and Zara, as well as many of the other shops featured in this article, how many of us can say that these are the first places that come to mind when investing in new homewares? Regardless of whether you prefer a traditional aesthetic or are more of a fan of modern interiors, this article is filled with a variety of accessories that will perfectly complement an array of décor styles and themes.

We really struggled to choose a favourite item from this article! Our top picks are the marble and gold coloured wall shelf from La Redoute, which would look stunning in a bedroom or living room complete with stylish accessories, as well as the Gigi dinner plates from Anthropologie, which are the perfect finishing touch to a stylish outdoor table when dining al fresco this summer. Speaking of outdoor dining, we also love the gorgeous seagrass seat pads from Rowen & Wren (pictured), which not only look stunning, but would also provide added comfort to your outdoor seating too.

The article also includes prints, lamps, candles, cushions and cutlery, and with prices ranging from £4.99 to £299.99, so there’s sure to be something that will suit your home and budget. We promise this article will have you rushing off to your nearest high street for a homeware shopping trip! Don’t forget to let us know your favourite pick in the comments section.



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7th May 2021


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