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Console Tables and Kitchen Organising

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This week brings console table styling tips and some ideas from Marie Kondo on organising a small kitchen!

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SheerLuxe – What to consider before buying a console table

Console tables not only look stylish, but they are also highly functional pieces of furniture that are perfect for adding extra storage space to your home. Ideal for filling an empty space in a hallway or living room, console tables also allow you to display your favourite decorative items such as artwork, flowers and candles. This week, we found a great article from SheerLuxe that takes us through some of the top things to consider before purchasing a console table, as well as offering up some stylish picks that are available to buy right now. Not only this, SheerLuxe also asks a number of interiors experts to share their top tips and tricks on selecting and styling the best console table for your home!

There are a variety of styles available when it comes to selecting a console table, so it’s vital that you take this into account when searching for a piece that will complement your home. Another important thing to consider is to determine what its purpose will be in your space which, according to the article, will help to decide the ideal “material, height, depth and style”. If you’re looking for functionality and added storage, practical materials and design features such as ceramic tabletops and shelves are best, whereas more unique features are better saved for console tables that are just for decoration.

When it comes to location, placing your console table near a plug offers the opportunity to display a stunning table lamp, while providing your room with additional lighting. Our favourite tip in the article is to place wicker baskets in the space underneath your console table. This not only looks stylish, but also adds extra storage that is ideal for keeping items that you want to be hidden out of view. Also in the article, SheerLuxe has shared some of its top picks for anyone looking to purchase a console table. With a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, there’s sure to be something that will look perfect in your home!

If you have a console table at home, we would love to know how you’ve styled it! Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to tell us your favourite pick from the article too.

Image: Future / Emma Lee

Homes & Gardens – Exclusive: Marie Kondo’s 5 top tips for organizing a small kitchen

One of the biggest challenges of having a small kitchen is keeping it organised. In this article, Homes & Gardens sat down with organising legend, Marie Kondo, to discuss tips on using a small kitchen’s minimal storage space to its maximum potential. This helpful article certainly sparked joy for us at jmm PR.

To start with, you can make your storage easier to clean by placing down liners. Not only will this make cleaning shelves and cupboards quick and effortless, but it will also make them look neater too. On top of this, you can place dividers in your drawers so that every item has its own place, not only making your storage space look tidier but also reducing the effort of putting things away because you know exactly where everything goes.

Nothing is as effective at keeping your kitchen organised than knowing when to get rid of things; no amount of storage dividers will keep your kitchen tidy if you have too much stuff. One of Marie Kondo’s key techniques is to look at your belongings and decide whether they ‘spark joy’ or not, if they do not then simply give it away, donate it, sell it, or recycle it. An item that sparks joy doesn’t have to be an heirloom; it can be as simple as a dish that you use every day. And if an item does spark joy but you’re not using it every day because maybe you’re saving it for special occasions, why not use it more often? This is especially the case for old appliances, Marie suggests that if you haven’t used a certain appliance in nearly a year, it most likely doesn’t spark joy. Even small appliances take up a lot of space and removing them will give you more options for storage!

Marie also recommends keeping as few items on your worktops as possible. Not only does a messy kitchen make cooking less enjoyable, but having too many items on your worktops also makes them more difficult to wipe down. Try keeping your spices and condiments in the cupboards. On top of this, Marie also suggests keeping your fridge at 70 per cent capacity, which saves space for leftovers and allows you to see more of its contents inside, so nothing gets forgotten and wasted.

Have any of these tips given you ideas for organising your kitchen? Let us know in the comments!


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3rd September 2021


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