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jmm PR’s Favourite Articles of the Week

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings pergola design ideas to inspire your next garden project and 10 ways to choose the best bathroom colour scheme for your home!

Image: Lights4Fun

Good Homes – 5 creative pergola designs in real gardens

In recent weeks, our favourite shops, pubs and restaurants have begun to reopen their doors, but for those of us that have enjoyed having more time to devote to updating our homes, this certainly doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up our DIY tools just yet. This week, we’re lusting over Good Homes’ selection of the top pergolas on Instagram, and we can’t think of a better project for those of us that are content with enjoying home comforts for a little while longer.

As well as being perfect for warm evenings spent eating alfresco or entertaining family and friends, pergolas are a cosy space to relax in the winter months too, especially when accessorised with fairy lights, blankets and candles. For those of us still working from home, they can even act as a makeshift office space! Our favourite pick from the article has to be the gorgeous pergola from @luckyplot13, which is accessorised with baby pink cushions, a hanging chair, fairy lights and plants. We can’t imagine anywhere nicer to chill out at the end of a hard day!

What we love most about this article is that it highlights the versatility of pergolas, proving that they can be used not only as a cosy space to relax outdoors, but also as somewhere to store a hot tub and even a place to house a makeshift dancefloor. So if you’ve always dreamt of having your own pergola, or if you’re just on the lookout for some garden project inspiration, this article from Good Homes is a must-read.

Image: Topps Tiles

Real Homes – Revealed! The best colours for a bathroom according to the experts

Have you ever planned a renovation but struggled when it came to deciding on a colour scheme? We all have our personal favourite colours (pink and green for us!) and then there are the go-to colours that we love in our homes, such as grey and white. But we don’t want all our rooms to follow the same theme, so sometimes we have to think outside the box when planning to re-decorate. If you’re re-thinking your bathroom at the moment, be sure to check out this article from Real Homes as it explains 10 ways to choose the best bathroom colour scheme for your home!

The article goes through some really useful tips, beyond taking timeless colours and the latest trends into consideration. It explains the 7-2-1 ratio where ‘seven-tenths of the room should be neutral, two-tenths lighter and colourful, leaving the final tenth bold’. This is a great method of adding colour to a room; a bright coloured bathtub is a perfect example of bringing in that bold final tenth. An alternative idea in the article is to think in threes. It suggests that you pick a colour and use it three times: ‘So if you have one red wall, add red towels or a red sink to accent’.

Our favourite bathroom design from the article is from the ‘be brave and go dark’ idea. Real Homes mentions how bathrooms are traditionally seen as white but that we shouldn’t be afraid to do darker! It is suggested that dark colours like charcoal and indigo should be used in contrast with bright, light finishes, and we think this really works. See the below image for some inspiration and read the article in full to become a colour scheme guru!



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