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Rattan Furnishings and Modern Designs

Here at jmm PR, we have been scouring the internet for our favourite articles of the week.

This week brings stylish rattan picks for your home and modern furniture ideas.

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Good Homes – 9 rattan pieces to suit any home

If you’ve got a passion for interior design, then you’re likely to already be aware of the huge increase in popularity that rattan has experienced in recent years. This article from Good Homes delves into the history of rattan furnishings, as well as offering up a list of the most stylish pieces that you can buy right now!

According to the article, rattan first arrived in our homes during the 1970s, and was primarily seen in outdoor furniture. The rustic looking material is now a common sight on the shelves of our favourite furniture and home décor shops like Dunelm and Ikea. We have a couple of rattan items in our homes here at jmm PR, including light shades, storage boxes and a stylish garden table set. The article states that, “due to it’s ability to be woven, painted and styled in a multitude of ways, versatile rattan fits seamlessly into many different décor styles”. Rattan also brings the added benefit of being resilient to different weather conditions too, meaning your garden table set can withstand harsh temperatures while making your space look stunning.

We love the picks that Good Homes has included in the article, including the gorgeous accent chair from QVC that can be used both indoors and outdoors! The chest of drawers from La Redoute is a super stylish piece too, perfect for adding a practical and simplistic, yet unique, touch to your space. When it comes to accessories, we think the seagrass covered vase from Wilko (which is a bargain at just £8), would look perfect filled with some beautiful summer blooms to add a pop of colour to a window ledge, mantelpiece or dining table.

Make sure you check out this article and remember to let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Do you love or loathe rattan? We’d love to know!

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Livingetc – 10 modern living room furniture ideas to help you choose the best designs, colors and layouts

Sometimes it’s easy to neglect updating your furniture, especially if it’s still in working condition but maybe it’s also time for a refresh? If you feel like your living room style has officially expired, this article by Livingetc has tips on revamping your space that may be just right for you.

The sofa should always be the starting point when designing your living area; it’s usually the biggest item in the room and the most used, so will also be the first thing people will look for when stepping into your abode. Size is key when choosing a sofa, as well as considering how many people could be using it, you also need to think about how big a sofa you can get without overcrowding the room. For a smaller living room, a more subtle style is recommended to avoid a visual overkill. You’ll also want secondary seating to complement the sofa, which can be anything from an armchair to an ottoman. 2021 is all about variety over the more uniform multi-piece suites which have dominated living rooms for decades.

Rugs are also hugely important to help anchor your furniture. Make sure the rug you choose is as big as your room can handle, leaving a small space of floor around the perimeter. On top of this, centre your furniture around the rug and make sure one or two legs of each furniture piece is on it. The rug should also not be too overpowering in style as it’s an accessory rather than a centre piece, keep the design subtle so that it complements the furniture rather than stealing the show.

Livingetc also recommends buying at least some furniture pieces second hand, especially if you are starting from scratch. Having wholly unused furniture will take the character from the room. That being said, this tip should be avoided for second hand sofas as it’s likely the cushioning will be more worn or the colour will have faded. As well as mixing new and used furniture, styles and materials should also be combined to help bring life into the room.

So what furniture is in style today to create this modern look for your living room? Livingetc suggests curves and softer looks are in fashion over sharp-edged shapes and straight lines. Speaking of a softer look, this also applies to the materials used to create a more comfortable feel. And it’s time to no longer shy away from maximalism, fill up your room with as much as you can without overcrowding!

Have you been inspired to update your living room from this article? Let us know in the comments!


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11th June 2021

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